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Ngô Quang Hải

Ngô Quang Hải

Hồ sơ 5 sao 2462 Lượt xem hồ sơ

Nam, 28/09/1984, 37 tuổi

22 Phan Bội Châu, Cam Linh, Cam Ranh, Khánh Hòa

Cập nhật: 25/07/2022

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Giới thiệu bản thân

With many years of working in the hospitality industry and hold many different positions, I always strive to become:  The manager brings the most profit to owners.  The manager brings a happy working environment, fair competition for employees.  Motivate people to boost employee performance.

Trình độ học vấn chuyên môn


Intermediate Professional of Tourism Management - Trung cấp

2008 → 2010

Đại Học Quốc Tế Hồng Bàng

Quản Trị Kinh Doanh - Đại học

2010 → 2013

Kĩ năng

Food & Beverage Manager
Operation Manager
Able to work independently and in groups
Able to withstand high pressure at work
Ability to plan future projects
Being able to see potential risks in the future
Well control of operating

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Operation Manager ( GM Outlets) tại QUI - Cuisine · Mixology Nha Trang | VISE Hospitality

12/2019 → Hiện tại

Nha Trang

- Responsible for monitoring, managing and operating daily operations including managing quality food and beverage. - Responsible for speak and working with agencies and departments on legal documents procedures, operating licenses, etc. asked from the authorities. - Make business plan overall. - Analyze monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports. - Implement control procedures to minimize errors, fraud and waste. - Support the strategic development direction for the COO in the areas of responsibility and proactively communicate instructions to the staff to achieve and exceed the set goals. - Identify and implement cost reduction in operation. - Training professional skills for subordinates. - Perform employee reviews and manage all HR related issues. - Propose and implement promotions to increase revenue. - Other tasks - Report directly to COO.

Freelance Consultant tại EATRANG Food & Coffee

6/2019 → 12/2019 (5 tháng)

Nha Trang

- Consulting business ideas for investors. - Representing the investor to negotiate with partners. - Searching for suppliers for investors. - Monitoring construction progress. - Coordinate with department manager to build SOP, regulations, recipes of food & beverage for restaurant & coffee model. - Build business plans, advertising for brands - Training skill for team manager. - Training skill control cost, cargo and revenue. - Responsible for all activities until the opening with the investor.

Franchise Operation Manager tại MUONG THANH GROUP

10/2018 → 5/2019 (7 tháng)

Nha Trang

- Establishment of a franchise department consisting of the following departments: administrative personnel, Sales & Marketing, accounting and operation department. - Negotiate contracts with franchisor partners. - In charge of 4 franchised brands: Highlands Coffee, Hotpot Story, King BBQ, King A la carte. - Build process and operating model for franchise department. - Ensure the franchisor's standards and at the same time meet the standards of Muong Thanh Group. - Build business plan for each brand. - Control costs and revenue for each brand. - Control the goods of the whole chain. - Analyze financial reports for each brand. - Build plan to maximize profits and reduce costs for each brand. - Training management skills for restaurant managers. - Report activities and be responsible to the Chairman of Muong Thanh Group.

Culinary Manager tại Vinpearl Nha Trang

5/2018 → 9/2018 (4 tháng)

Nha Trang

- In charge of the F&B department: 6 restaurants (1 food court restaurant, 2 restaurants for group and 3 A la carte restaurants), 22 fast food stores and 15 vending machines with more than 350 Staff. - Set up Food court to diversify the operating model of the F&B department. - Responsible for all activities of the F&B department including kitchen and restaurant department. - Build operation procedures for each operation model. - Build business plan for the F&B department. - Propose new ideas to develop better services and revenue. - Work with Sales & Marketing to create events to increase revenue. - Control expenses and revenue periodically. - Control cargo periodically. - Analyzing financial reports periodically - Training skill for staff. - Support other department. - Report to General Manager.

Outlets Manager tại DUYEN HA RESORT

5/2017 → 5/2018 (1 năm )

Nha Trang

- Pre-opening team - Make annual plans for the restaurant. - Introducing new ideas to help the hotel grow better of service and revenue. - Make and run events to up revenue. - Control cost and revenue every month and year - Control cargo monthly. - Report to Manager frequently. - Handling the guest complaints. - Trainning skill for team member. - Support for colleagues of other department. - Follow the standards of resort. - Attention to feel about the service of guest. - Ensure the highest guest satisfaction after leaving the restaurant.

Supervisor tại InterContinental Nha Trang

8/2014 → 5/2017 (2 năm 8 tháng)

Nha Trang

- Run events to up revenue. - Control cargo monthly. - Introducing new ideas to help the hotel grow better of service and revenue. - Report to Manager frequently. - Handling the guest complaints. - Completion of IHG training. - Support for colleagues of another department. - Follow the standards of the brand. - Attention to feel about the service of guest. - Ensure the highest guest satisfaction after leaving the restaurant.

Mong muốn về công việc

Full time, Khanh Hòa, Phú Quốc, HCM

Giải thưởng

Employee of the Year


Voted employee of the year

Thông tin tham khảo

CRAIG A. HICKS - Operation Director




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