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Pullman Danang Beach Resort

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Overview of duties
• Hands-on role overseeing and leading food production, applying the organisational structure, techniques and quality points defined by the Executive Chef.
• Promotes the Pullman brand philosophy through professional attitude, behaviour, uniform and communication skills.
• Define and monitor quality points, scheduling, techniques and systems for all food production, and pass these on to trainees and subordinates in an organised manner
• This role will oversee, train, develop and organise subordinate kitchen staff, and liase with other departments to effectively execute food production. •The Sous Chef has responsibility to actively manage the operation, costs and productivity of the food production team members
• Responsible for smooth and efficient production of all food, overseeing hygiene, food handling, temperature control, freshness and taste / quality and consistency of all dishes served. Organise kitchen teams to meet all deadlines, time-lines and business demands • Greet and welcome all guests, and ensure all kitchen staff interact positively with guests they encounter at every opportunity • Ordering of all ingredients and operating stock, maintaining stock at appropriate levels, supervise preparation quantities and methods to and reduce wastage and spoilage • Deeply involved in menu development and dish / concept creation for the resort's F&B operation
Main responsibilities
Skills and Development
• Present and visible in the kitchens and during events, overseeing productivity of all chefs and kitchen staff, ensuring efficient, timely production of all food.
• Actively direct, delegate, train and develop all kitchen staff
• Learn new skills and develop repertoire, techniques and on the job skills by attending training courses and pursuing self development. Create new dishes, concepts and menu ideas with Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef.
• Identify issues and areas for improvement and notify these to Executive Sous Chef and Executive Chef
• Choose skills or dishes daily to re-emphasise or retrain chefs for consistency and excellence
• Keep a recipe book or workbook to note recipes and new skills / techniques, and ensure all chefs do the same • "Buddy" new team members with strong existing team members and train each task to proficiency
Professional techniques / Production
• Manage the timely and organised production of all food, meeting all function and service deadlines and keeping all buffet top-up waiting times and a-la-carte waiting times to a minimum.
• Check and re-stock all mis-en-place after each service period, and ensure this is also done by all chefs on all sections
• Prepare and handles all food production in compliance with safe food handling, hygiene, standard recipes and internal procedures.
• Check upcoming events, organises staffing and mis en place, and informs Executive Sous Chef and Service about any foodservice issues or dishes/ingredients unavailable
• Communicate with kitchen, purchasing, sales and service to ensure smooth and timely delivery of all food production
• Passes on information as necessary to other colleagues and departments (service, front office, chefs, stewards, sales, purchasing etc) and to other members of the department
• Follows all standard recipes and asks for training or clarification on any areas that are not understood.
• Ensure that food is only prepared or served for bona-fide customer orders with computer-printed dockets or approved BEOs or requisitions, or required daily productioin
• Control the wastage, misuse, spoilage and unauthorised use of all food and ingredients, reduce leftovers, and minimise production for slow service periods
Team management and cross-departmental responsibilities
• Ensure all chefs follow standard recipes and established hotel systems
• Train and oversee all chefs to ensure consistent taste, portioning and presentation of all food production • Ensure professional demeanour, body language and behaviour of all chefs in the resort's kitchens • Check and manage all deadlines for food, service periods and events • Ensure all requested food items from other departments are accompanied by the correctly filled out requisition, transfer or event order
Management and administration
• Oversee and manage behaviour, posture, appearance, attitude and productivity of all chefs on duty in the resort
• Manages the ingredients, equipment, staff and duties under his/her responsibility to ensure best productivity
• Ensure strict temperature control, handwashing, hygiene and safe food handling procedures in the resort kitchens and with all food production and service
Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
• Ensures that the hotel's food production and storage areas remain clean and tidy, all work surfaces, hands and utensils sanitised, food and ingredients properly stored
• Knows and applies the hotel's safety regulations, safe food temperatures and food safety guidelines
• Ensures the safety of people and property. Inform Executive Chef in case of potential hazards, broken equipment or unsafe situations or practices, and follow up with documentation and work orders to rectify the problems
• Respects the hotel's commitments to the "Environment Charter" (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc)

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Candidates will be provided with job details during interview.

Yêu cầu công việc

Education / Professional experience
• Strong knowledge of Western and International menus, buffets and banquets, breakfast to 450 pax, deep understanding of Vietnamese menus and dishes. • Ability to organise and produce all local and international dishes expected in an international five star business hotel. • A broad repertoire of local and international a-la-carte dishes prepared to five star standard
• Good conversational and workplace English and ability to understand English menus and dockets
• At least 3 years experience in a large kitchen leadership role with similar breakfast and international food responsibility, production volume and food quality • Proven experience in leading a team of 50 kitchen staff in busy daily food production to the highest quality standard • Maintains the highest standard of personal and workplace hygiene, demonstrated in previous roles • Friendly, outgoing, positive, hospitable nature - accustomed to guest interaction and able to explain products to guests and converse with VIPs.
Skills / Qualities  
Pullman: a new service attitude centred on proximity, sociability and sharing experience.
Ensure all staff embody the same mindset by developing each individual's sense of curiosity,
open-mindedness, interpersonal skills and sense of initiative.
• Team spirit and proven ability to lead and motivate small kitchen teams
• Enthusiastic and interested to learn and develop self, and subordinates
• Excellent Western, International and Vietnamese menu repertoire and strong knowledge of local and international breakfast menus
• Good presentation, confident speaker and straight-talker. Able to meet deadlines and complete tasks and goals
• Comfortable with high volume Vietnamese and Western buffets, Family style banquets to 350 pax, busy a-la-carte and busy hands-on breakfast service for up to 450 pax
• Quality focused, trained in making all production from fresh, top quality ingredients, (not convenience foods) • Outgoing, confident and comfortable with passing on skills, structured training, skill assessment, prioritising, organising workflow and delegating/follow-up tasks

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Azure's Chef De Cuisine/ Bếp Trưởng Nhà Hàng Azure





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