Địa điểm: Thành Phố Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận | Hạn nộp: 15/04/2017 | Mức lương: 20 - 30 triệu | Giờ làm việc: Giờ hành chính

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We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced and passionate F&B Manager to join our Mui Ne team at the Allezboo Beach Resort & Spa. As an Executive Chef, you will be responsible for the hands-on management of the Restaurant and Kitchen operations and production. Key to this role is to provide leadership and coordinate activities between the main kitchen, pastry kitchen, Restaurant service and operational Units to meet for service in Resort. "1. Directly responsible for all restaurants, culinary and events areas, ensuring a smooth running, profitable operations within the framework of the hotel. 2. Responsible to maintain the overall welfare of our employees by providing them with the training and resources to take care of our guests. 3. Develop and enforce standards, policies and procedures in the food service, restaurants and beverage areas. 4. Develop, monitor and take corrective action of annual operating budget, via controllable costs, progress reports, P&L statement and etc. 5. Attain high sanitation standards throughout the food and beverage operation by enforcing Company Sanitation Checklist. 6. Establish and maintain positive two-way communications with related departments. 7. Support managers with an effective training program to make them aware of the expectations and responsibilities that their position entails. 8. Identify and solve problems in a timely fashion. 9. Delegate authority and responsibility to managers in a way that the entire food and beverage operation runs smoothly. 10. Appraise managers/employees performance and use effective coaching and counseling for positive improvement. 11. Hire, develop and retain quality managers/employees. 12. Schedule managers consistent with volume of business and needs. 13. Administer management personal action movement and payroll.

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We offer benefits as per international standard

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Ability to organize and train a large staff of both full‑time and student employees. Thorough familiarity with all phases of food purchasing, preparation, production control, merchandising, service, and inventory control. Administrative ability and understanding of the technical aspects of menu planning. Working knowledge of nutrition and dietetics. A sympathetic appreciation of special needs of campus clientele. Resourcefulness in using union facilities in accomplishing the general social and recreational objectives of the union. Supervisor or manager of a union or residence hall dining unit, or equivalent experience in commercial food management and catering elsewhere of such character as to demonstrate ability to direct the varied food service of the union.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Please send us your information at : Allezboo Beach Resort and Spa 08 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province Email : Gửi email or Gửi email Number contact : 0623 743 777

  • Lĩnh vực: Khách sạn/ Khu căn hộ
  • Ngành nghề: Ẩm thực/ Bàn/ Bar
  • Vị trí: Giám đốc, phó giám đốc Bộ phận/ Trưởng phòng/ Tổ trưởng
Chức danh Địa điểm Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGER 15/04/2017 20 - 30 triệu
EXECUTIVE CHEF 20/04/2017 20 - 30 triệu

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Located along a stretch of white sandy beach in Mui Ne, on the coast of the Eastern Sea, is a magnificent tropical paradise. Our resort location is an approximate 3-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, in sunny, southern Vietnam. With natural and private landscapes surrounded by the breathtaking views of the ocean, Allezboo Beach Resort & Spa is an ideal place for relaxation, and is a perfect getaway from the chaos of modern life.

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