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Trưởng thu ngân / Head Cashier

  • Hạn nộp: 24/07/2024
  • Mức lương: Thỏa thuận

Thông tin cơ bản

Số lượng
Nơi làm việc
Quận 2 - TP HCM
Giờ làm việc
Làm theo ca
Ngành nghề
Ẩm thực
Vị trí
Nhân viên
Cập nhật
21/06/2024 11:44

Mô tả công việc


• Make sure you have enough small change for cash float. If not ask the treasurer to get the exact required small change.

• Make sure you have enough paper for printer.

• Set up your till and make sure the POS system is running properly.

• Check you have enough bill holders and they are all clean.

• Make sure the CUSTOMER COMMENT book is on the cashier desk and if you hear a complaint ask the waiter to write in the book.



• You are responsible for answering the phone and taking bookings.

• Regular bookings

• Make sure to take correct all the correct booking details: name, telephone number, date, time, number of guest, special request and suggest a table.

• Add the booking to the restaurant Plan.

• Event enquiries

• For event enquiries, take all relevant details and fill in form, and pass on to the AM or GM.



• The hostess is responsible for taking all bookings. Please pass on all booking enquiries to her.

• Work with the hostess clearly on all bookings and keep her informed at all times of any changes.


• Your role is to provide the check, take the money, and give the change.

• You must be aware of all open tables, and make sure that when a guest leaves, they have paid their bill.

• Make sure every item sold is keyed in and all bills are correct before printing out. If you see any suspicious bill please talk to the AM or GM immediately.


• Give the bill in the bill holder to the waiter who asked you the check.

• Make sure the bill is correct, Happy Hour, discount, all items key in…


• When you receive the money from a customer, check if there is any change to give to the customer.

• Return the change to the customer n less than 3 minutes after receiving their money. Any problems report to AM immediately.

• Guest leaving the outlet

• When you see a guest leaving the outlet, check with the waiter that they have paid their bill.


• When guests request a taxi, call The Deck preferred taxi company. If the guest asks for a specific company call that company. Otherwise always use The Deck preferred taxi company.

• Security will inform you when taxi arrives. When taxi arrives inform the guest that taxi is waiting for them.


• If you have a problem with a guest payment, call the AM or GM immediately who will come and sort out the problem.

• All customer complaints must be recorded in the Customer Complaint Book.


• Check cash

• Count the money with the supervisor.

• Put in an envelope and counter sign with supervisor.

• Put envelop and report in the office safe.

• Make the cash float for the next day.

• Report to the supervisor any damaged goods, including equipment and other items used during service.


• Attend 5 minute daily meeting with floor staff at start of shift.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

The stability of a well-established restaurant business running with a professional team

Professional long term growth opportunities

Regular training

13 month salary and benefits

Attractive service charge

Meal & Uniform provided

Yêu cầu công việc

• Personal responsibilities

• To be flexible in attitude, approach and in working hours.

• To report for duty on time.

• Team Player.

• Effectively prioritize and manage a multi-faceted and changing workload.

• Maintain total confidentiality regarding all human resources issues and records at all times.

• Behavioural Competences Calm, self-motivated, positive attitude, confident, open minded, willing to learn, good communication skills, innovative, self starter, contributor.

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  • Quy mô: 25 - 99
  • 38 Nguyễn Ư Dĩ, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
  • THE DECK SAIGON RESTAURANT Saigon's modern Pan Asian cuisine awards-winning restaurant where friendships, romance and fine food comes together. The Deck is fine dining destination located along the banks of the Saigon River, in the bustling neighbourhood of Thao Dien, District 2. Our multicultural and diverse team delivers the highest hospitality standards. If you are looking for a professional and welcoming environment to be your best, join us now! Our remarkable achievements: Best bar of the world - The Guardian Newspaper Top 10% fine dining restaurants in the world - Tripadvisor 2020

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