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Mô tả công việc

·      To handles and supervise the General Accounting section daily functions for ensuring timely and accurate inputs for the reporting timetables

·       To follow time tables for completing monthly reports and work schedules

·       To be responsible in preparing various monthly reports as required by the Chief Accountant and the Financial Controller.

·       To perform checking, verifying and investigating whether purchase requisitions fall in capital expenditure or expense budgets.

·    To handle properly subsidiary ledgers and supporting evidence are in order and properly maintained to support the General Ledger

·      To ensure all contracts and agreements are followed accordingly and to implement the necessary accounting procedures and the preparation of accounting ledgers and summaries

·        To ensure proper posting in the Income journal the daily revenue report prepared by the Income Auditor

·         To check that journals and journal vouchers are accurate and properly recorded.

·      To manage the general ledger and subsidiary ledger postings are accurate, ensure that general ledger and subsidiary ledger balances is correct at month-end.

·       Checking of balance sheet reconciliations appropriate supporting documentation and submit to Chief Accountant for review by 15th of each month

·         To check the salary calculations and ensure that labor overhead expenses are properly posted by the Payroll Officer

·         Checking of reconciliation recorded booking of the costs against the Monthly Food & Beverage Cost Controller’s Report.

·      To submit a draft of monthly account statements for the Chief Accountant verifications that there are no errors or unrecorded amounts

·        To ensure that fixed assets are purchased according to the capital expenditure budget that amounts are properly recorded and the fixed assets ledger are completed

·     To maintain close coordination with the Chief Accountant and the public auditors for receiving advice and recommendation to receive instructions for the preparation of internal and external audits

·         Assist Chief Accountant make the spot checks and month-end check general cashier’s house bank

·         To help in maintaining the compliance of the accounting regulations of the region the resort is located

·         Performs other duties as required by the Chief Accountant

·       To prepare the daily bank balances availability and to prepare the monthly bank reconciliation and credit card reconciliation to be submitted to the Chief Accountant

·         To control the General Cashier report and revenue receipts daily deposited into the bank by the General Cashier.

·         To check the daily foreign exchange rates are complying according to the procedure

·         To check aging of accounts payable and ensure sufficiency of funds for payments to suppliers and creditors

·         Oversee the Accounts Payable to ensure accurate invoices are issued in a timely manner and amounts receivable are collected in line with resort credit terms

·     In regards to sales tax, consumption tax, payroll related taxes, Withholding taxes & other taxes to ensure that amounts are promptly declared and paid on time

·         To ensure that all tax matters are treated in a proper manner and in compliance with related legislation

·         To follow up and update any tax changes and other legislation

·         To perform other duties as required by the Chief Accountant and the Financial Controller

Quyền lợi được hưởng

We offer full package with attractive benefit :

· 5.5 working days

· Staff Accommodation for off shore associates

· Home Leave Allowances based upon position.

· Full meals

· Uniform and laundry

· Worldwide complimentary accommodation with Hyatt after one year of service.

Yêu cầu công việc

Required Skills:

•     Always present and preserve the image of the resort through correct behavior and attitude in dealing with colleagues and customers.

•     Strong supervisor

•     Follow instructions carefully and able to provide feedback

•     Displays flexibility and high energy levels 

•       Willingness to learn

•       Able to work under high pressure and meet tight deadlines

•       Able to speak, read, write and understand language used in the workplace.


•     Bachelor of Finance/Accounting.

•     Professional Accounting qualification.


•     1-2 year General Accountant  experience of 4 or 5 star Resort & Hotel

•     Experience of OPERA and SUN system.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

1/ Curriculum vitae verified by the Local Authorities (lastest 6 months)

2/ 03 ID card certified copy, verified by the Local Authorities (lastest 6 months)

3/ Family Register certified copy, verified by the Local Authorities (lastest 6 months)

4/ Health certificate (lastest 6 months)

5/ Related certificate, degree certified copies (lastest 6 months)

6/ Non-criminal Record verified by the Local Authorities (lastest 6 months)

7/ 03 picture card

General Account - Kế toán tổng hợp





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