Personal Assistant to the General Manager


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Secretarial Related Function: 1. Set up filing system and update index of files and form regularly 2. Label all files and folders alphabetically. 3. Daily trace system. Photocopy the covering correspondence with trace date clearly indicated and put the photocopy into individual jacket according to the trace date. 4. Coordinate and monitor all appointments, meetings, and trainings to ensure that schedules are logged, traced and remind all concerns. 5. Prepare appropriate files, folder, information, and relevant documents for each meeting 6. Update files and discard old file in the Archive store in order of topic, dates and years. 7. Take minutes, check correctness and presentation before distributing and filing according to the supervisor’s discretion. 8. Handling the incoming calls and information, obtaining all relevant information and passing on to appropriate personnel. 9. Compile all trace materials, sort and put them in appropriate trace date order. 10. Ensure meeting minutes be dispatched/out within 48 hours. 11. Send of faxes and e-mails. 12. Keep records of travel expenses and update travel schedule. 13. Dispatch the mailings with appropriate contents, letters, envelopes, etc. 14. Ensure that monthly critique and month end reports are finished on a timely basis 15. Update information and data relevant to the department at all times. 16. Work and coordinate with other departments to ensure that the responsible job of the department meets target and goals. 17. Responsible for departmental roster and paid time off in HR system. Technical Related to the Job: 1. Maintain the administrative organization that includes typing, filing, correspondence and distributing in-coming mails/faxes. 2. Co-ordinate and order special requests for General Manager including but not limited to Room reservations, and handling of VIP’s as needed. 3. Make airline and travel reservations for the General Manager and Managing Director when needed. 4. Keep daily tracing files and retrieve them when they are due. 5. Provide any assistance to the executives and employees as required. 6. Cooperate and help the executives when they are away from the office. 7. Be a leader of the hotel’s secretaries. 8. Maintain computerized database of all reports and systematic plan to follow up 9. Handling correspondence for all applications such as regret letter, guest complaint, enquiring, confirmation, contract and any reference. 10. Greets and receives visitors and telephone calls furnishing advice and assistance on the basis of general knowledge. Refer technical matters to the appropriate individuals in the Unit. 11. Administer the Office and keeps it in working condition. 12. Acts as Interpreter and translator when necessary. 13. Keep strictly all confidential matters related to the unit. 14. Preparing time sheets and keeping leave record for all Executive Committee. 15. Other duties as needed or requests from Executive Committee. 16. Assist with the organization of manager meetings, outing and other employee activities.

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- Very Competitive in salary and benefit packages

Yêu cầu công việc

1. At least 3 year experience in executive secretarial work with international companies 2. Effective telephone communication skills, and computer literate 3. Proficiency in English Communication 4. Typewriting both English and Local language 5. Familiarity and knowledge of all departments within the hotel

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

CV with full information of experiences, education and personal information shall be sent to email address at Gửi email

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