F&B Hostess

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort

Quy mô :

Phòng Nhân Sự 0297 3 978 888 HRM
Tổ 3, Khu phố 7, thị trấn An Thới, huyện Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang

Theo dõi Nhà tuyển dụng này

Mô tả công việc

- Meet and greet all guests, and potential guests, at the front of the Restaurant by ensuring the following
- Ensure the restaurant is ready to receive guests prior to opening and that both wait staff and tables are ready in line with opening standards
- Ensure restaurant operating equipment is clean and in working order
- Maintaining impeccable uniform and personal presentation standards in accordance with hotel policy
- Welcoming guests to the Restaurant, by using the Restaurant name
Inquiring if they have a reservation and noting it in the reservation book if they do
- Creating a reservation for them with their dining preferences if they do not and noting it in the reservation book
- Being attentive to guest requests
- Escort guests to their preferred table or reserved table and seat guests according to restaurant standards
- Take telephone bookings and document in the Reservation book according to restaurant standards
- Train wait staff and bus staff in hostess standards
- Be attentive to guests and resolve their complaints where possible, reporting all incidents to your Supervisor
- Maintain responsibility of cleanliness of hostess stations 
- Maintain responsibility of cleanliness of all menus and drink menus
- Assist with beverage service
- Assist with food service
- Maintain detailed knowledge of menu, including daily specials
- Ensure tables are cleared quietly and efficiently
- Carry food and beverage trays in a safe manner to minimize breakages
- Complete dockets accurately and clearly
- Maintain current information on all general activities of the hotel
- Perform any other duties which may be assigned by the management from time to time.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Competitive salary/ Mức lương cạnh tranh

Service charge/ Thưởng phí phục vụ hàng tháng theo doanh thu

Social Insurance as law/ Bảo hiểm xã hội

Bao Viet Health insurance for personal and family/ Bảo hiểm Bảo Việt cho bản thân và gia đình

24/7 Accident Insurance/ Bảo hiểm tai nạn 24/7

Rest & Relaxation Allowance as per 3 months: 2 million/ Phụ cấp nghỉ ngơi và thư giãn: 2 triệu đồng/ 3 tháng

Relocation assistance/ Hỗ trợ di chuyển

Repatriation allowance/ Trợ cấp hồi hương

Home Leave allowance/ Trợ cấp nghỉ phép

Housing, uniform, meal, and transportation are provided by the resort/ Hỗ trợ nhà ở, đồng phục, bữa ăn và phương tiện di chuyển

Yêu cầu công việc

Required Skills

- Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
- Alcohol awareness certification and/or food service permit or valid health/food handler card as required by local government agency.
- Able to read and write English


High School or Vocational Certificate in Hotel Management, Food & Beverage, or related field.


1 years related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

- Resume

- Certificates related to applied position
- Email address: Gửi email
- Phone: 02973 97 8888/ 0919 290 709

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Chức danh Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
F&B Attendant (Alacarte) - Nhân viên Ẩm thực (Alacarte) 12/02/2021 Thỏa thuận
Nhân viên thời vụ Ẩm Thực 30/03/2021 Thỏa thuận
Waiter/ Nhân viên phục vụ nhà hàng 30/01/2021 Thỏa thuận
Bartender/ Nhân viên pha chế 30/01/2021 Thỏa thuận
Resort Host 30/01/2021 Thỏa thuận
Waiter/ Waitress 31/01/2021 Thỏa thuận
Bartender 30/03/2021 Thỏa thuận
Waiter (Waitress)/ Nhân viên phục vụ nhà hàng 30/03/2021 Thỏa thuận
F&B Attendant (Buffet) - Nhân viên Ẩm thực (Buffet) 12/02/2021 Thỏa thuận
Bartender - Nhân viên pha chế 12/02/2021 Thỏa thuận
Waiter/ Phục vụ Nam 25/01/2021 Thỏa thuận





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InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort

Địa chỉ: Tổ 3, Khu phố 7, thị trấn An Thới, huyện Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang

Điện thoại: 0297 3 978 888

Website: www.intercontinental.com