F&B Controller

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Mô tả công việc

  • Under the guidance and supervision of the D1 management within the limit of the established WMC policies. Check the cost, recipe costing
  • Make the daily/ weekly/ monthly food cost, inventory and make the reports end of the month
    • Check all stores (food, beverage, general,…)and receiving
    • Recipe costing for F&B
    • Check the stock on hand items in stores
    • Inventory stores and outlets month end
    • Inventory non food
    • Show the fullest cooperation within the team and other departments
  • Support all matters related to F&B cost controlling of all company branches
  • Pick up daily: purchase request, inter bar transfer, market list, invoices receiving, revenue reports
  • Check the cost of document and make the daily food cost
  • Walk through the area and make sure the storeroom clerk and receiving clerks are staffed as schedules. Make adjustment to fill gap
  • Check that all requisitions are property filled ou. Spot check the storeroom check to ensure accurate documentation issues from the storeroom
  • F&B cost training for restaurant
  • Male sure all prices are updated on the software to keep statistics accurate
  • Prepare monthly analysis of inventories to identify slow moving items
  • Prepare the month end inventory journal
  • Conduct physical inventory count of construction materials at month end and investigate differences arising
  • Reconcile to stock records on the monthly basis
  • Assist in procurement for operation
  • Wastage control
  • Food production control
  • Food& beverage cost control comparing with F&B budget
  • Summarize the advantages of F&B standard recipes
  • Developing F&B standard recipes

Quyền lợi được hưởng

  • Competitive salary and pay on the ability
  • Bonus in the public holidays and New Years
  • 13th Month salary
  • Annual salary increment
  •  Employee recognition program for month and year award
  •  Free for duty meal, parking, uniform (clothes, shoes) and laundry service
  • Personal Accident insurance 24/7 covered
  • Allowances: birthday, wedding, baby welcome, hospitalization, funeral

Yêu cầu công việc

  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Communications, Advertising or Journalism.
  • At least 3 years of related work experience in Marketing, Communications, Advertising or Journalism.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Kindly please send your cv by english.

Chức danh Địa điểm Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
Receptionist - Nhân viên lễ tân 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Bartender - Nhân viên pha chế 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Room Attendant - Nhân viên buồng phòng (Bán thời gian) 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Bellman - Nhân viên hành lý 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Guest Service Agent (Japanese) 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Public Area Attendant - Nhân viên vệ sinh 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Security Officer - Nhân viên an ninh 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Nhân viên kỹ thuật điện 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Hostess- lễ tân nhà hàng 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Giám sát tầng 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Phó ca bếp 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Nhân viên phục vụ 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Therapist - Kỹ thuật viên trị liệu 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Reservation Sales Agent 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Duty Manager - Quản lý ca trực 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Gym/pool Attendant 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Commis - Phụ bếp 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Human Resources internship 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Operator 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Graphic Designer 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Kỹ Thuật Điện- M&E Technician 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Kitchen Secretary - Thư ký Bếp 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Nhân viên phụ bếp - Cook Helper 30/03/2020 3 - 5 triệu
Guest Service Center Manager 31/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
F&B Supervisor- giám sát nhà hàng 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Front Office Supervisor 30/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Nhân viên phòng giặt ủi 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Nhân viên pha chế 30/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Phó ca bếp Bánh Việt 30/03/2020 8 - 12 triệu
Nhân viên cắm hoa 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Kế Toán Công Nợ- Receivable Accountant 31/03/2020 Thỏa thuận





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