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Mô tả công việc


• Annually, in conjunction with the Financial Controller, to prepare an annual IT budget, including equipment maintenance costs and programmes and related IT Expenses.

• Ability to establish priority settings for effectiveness and efficiency of his own work area, tactful handling of program development requirements.

2. CONTROL: Attained when:

• Departmental expenditures do not exceed established plans and if possible are reduced.

• Well verse in entire Hotel Computer configuration and that files are not released to any unauthorised person(s).

• Back-up data procedures are specifically taught to users of computer and that these are closely monitored to ensure compliance at all times.

• Security measures on safety of files and disks on back-ups against fire and other possible damages are established.

• Assisting the Financial Controller in the internal control measurements relating to IT, ensuring that they are followed through by constant verification of such control procedures and to recommend for further control measurements if necessary.

• Interfacing of modules between the various hotel systems are monitored to ensure efficiency and to prevent losses on non-pick-up of charges.

ORGANIZATION: Attained when:

1. Training of user equipment is properly organised and planned, time span, requirement, etc. after proper co-ordination with respective Div/Dept. Heads.

2. Ensure that the entire hotel configuration experiences minimal operating interruption.

3. Establish a system of contact with suppliers of hotel hardware and soft wares for any arising needs.

4. Maintain constant updated files of newly released IT techniques available in the market with the possibility of upgrading the hotel's system and to forward recommendations to the Management.

5. To establish a maintenance checklist of all IT Equipment installed in the Hotel.


1. To maintain a climate of trust and team spirit throughout the operation.

2. Establish strict discipline for IT Equipment users.


1. Complaints from guests (which normally arise in the computer system) are minimal.

2. Immediate attention is given to any guest complaint and dealt with according to established procedures to satisfy the guest.

3. Corrective action is taken immediately to prevent future recurrence of any guest complaint.


1. To check on the status of computer system equipment and that they are adequate for department user and to schedule user request for heavy demands on system if necessary.

2. To ensure that a properly controlled physical environment is created to house all the hardware required by all systems.

3. Ensure that all equipment are in good working condition and to monitor maintenance schedule with contractor, to make sure that preventive maintenance procedures are established for both the hardware and software aspects of all systems.

4. To establish/advice back-up procedures for program and data files including Accounting, Personnel & Front Office, etc.

All such procedures to be in writing and to monitor that they are in accordance with respective requirements.

5. To establish an emergency procedure for crisis situation i.e. when the system is down.

Procedures should include various steps to be taken during the daytime, during the nights and on weekends and public holidays.

Such emergency contingency plan to include various steps to be carried out at:

• Reservation

• Front Desk

• Housekeeping

• Cashier's Check Out

• Point of Sales System

• IT Office

6. To co-ordinate repair services in emergency situations to minimize down time.

7. Maintain a history report of master file access.

8. Protection of file by proper set-up of security codes or passwords. To maintain a report of those who have access of file and user's limitation by section.

9. To study various procedures in interfacing of personal computer to the hotel's mainframe for certain reporting requirements if required.

10. Provide proper documentation for all developed systems.

11. Analysis of work flow, procedural changes and developing on-line manuals.

12. Attend to any computer problems that are encountered by computer users in the entire hotel's automation.

13. Design and develop any application software for specific user department's requirement, including software support and maintenance.

14. To ensure that all users are provided with adequate proper training in the day to day use of the appropriate systems.

15. Ensure that sufficient forms, office stationeries, computer items and others are readily available and at the same time ensure that they are within budget. Justification for excessive usage should be provided for.

16. Works closely with the Controller and the Assistant Controller on special projects as required to maintain and upgrade the quality of IT services within the Hotel.

17. Maintain cleanliness and tidiness at work area.

18. Be required to work at irregular hours and readily available on call basis on all systems problems and emergencies.


The Hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment) without the Hotel's written consent divulge any information concerning the hotel or any associated hotels or any of their dealings, transactions or affairs which may come to your knowledge during or in course of your employment with the company.


The Hotel requires that you perform any task deemed necessary by Management for the efficient running of the Purchasing Department and the Hotel in general.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- International working environment

- Attractive salary
- 13th month salary
- Birthday benefit
- Duty meals
- Uniform and laundry
- Special room rate as per Melia Hotels International policy

Yêu cầu công việc

- University Degree of Information Technology

- Good level of English

- IT system

- 3 years in a similar position in large hotels or international companies

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

In English

Contact: Gửi email or Gửi email

IT Manager

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