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Tuyển Cost Controller

  • Hạn nộp: 05/01/2021
  • Mức lương: Thỏa thuận

Thông tin cơ bản

Số lượng
Nơi làm việc
Huyện Ninh Hải - Ninh Thuận
Giờ làm việc
Giờ hành chính
Vị trí
Nhân viên
Cập nhật
12/10/2020 14:52

Mô tả công việc


To ensure Audit compliant approach is taken to all aspect of Cost Control

Within the hotel. To control food and beverage and general store inventories

ensuring that the most cost effective and efficient use of resources is

maintained, in order to ensure best profitability for the hotel. To ensure

accurate and timely posting of all stock movements and proper control over all

stocks held on the premises. To maintain the stock control system.


Supervise the Storekeepers and Receiving clerk.

To liaise with purchasing on the timely delivery of items.

Ensure that security of all stores has been adequately maintained, including proper restrictions on the issue of keys and general access.

Ensure that all incoming goods have been received via the Receiving Area, with deliveries properly checked against purchase orders and market list.

Inspect and test the goods whenever he/she deems necessary the receiving of food and beverage items and advise the hotel’s Financial Controller that the established Company policies are being adhered to.

Record and verify on a daily basis all food and beverage invoices for price extension, total and unit price which should conform with the approved market prices. Depending on the accounting system in use in each hotel, accumulated daily invoices and confirm the amount figure with the account payable in daily basis.

Make regular and spot check inspection of the store room, receiving Area and all outlets including all function on a daily or weekly basis.

Ensure that proper records have been kept of inventory receipts, issues and returns by use of storeroom stock cards and signed documents.

Introduce stringent cost control measures.

Co-ordinate with FB Manager and Executive Chef for performing recipe costing for food and beverage.

Conduct monthly inventory taking of beverage and other store room items.

Conduct every six months inventory taking of China ware, Glassware, Silverware and linen. (SOE)

Conduct market price survey in coordination with the Purchasing Manager and Executive Chef.

· Do monthly costing and ensure prompt submission of all month-end reports within deadline.

· Prepare monthly listing of slow moving and obsolete items and recommend steps to be taken.

· Coordinate with other departments especially F&B Department regarding cost matters.

· Perform other duties that may be assigned by management from time to time.

· Must understand and familiar with Excel, Microsoft word and all International Software Standard concerned.

· Be responsible for double checking Payable Account’s Job


· Build an efficient team and ensure the continued improvement in staff motivation through consultation, target-setting and appraising.

· Gives regular feedback to supervised associate on performance issues (both for the group as well as the individual).

· Supervise and delegate duties to team members within the department.

· To attend any relevant training initiative as required and take active interest in the welfare, safety and development of team members.

· Plan, implement and monitor departmental staff training.

· To ensure that team members are neat, wearing the correct attire and ready to perform their duties to the fullest at all times.


· To ensure guests’ satisfaction and repeat business by providing effective and efficient service in line with responsibilities entrusted.

· Deal with any guests’ complaints concerning the service and performance extended by the department.

· To make regular quality control inspection within the department.

· Agree and maintain quality service standards in conjunction with senior management.

· Implements appropriate scheduling and duty roster management to ensure associate on duty at any given time corresponds with expected business volume.


· Assist in the preparation of the departmental budget and to control costs within the department.

· Attend Monthly Profit & loss Meeting Discussion

· F & B Monthly reports and Reconciliations

· Month end Inventories related to month end process

· Month End reports for management information


Ensure full knowledge, compliance and implementation of the following:

(a) Security and safety procedures and regulations

(b) Hygiene and Grooming Standards

(c) Hotel and Department staff rules and guidelines

· Keep senior management informed of the latest ideas affecting the operation of the department.

· To have and maintain effective communication with other Heads of department, Line Managers.

· To carry out other tasks as maybe required from time to time by Senior management.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Candidates will be provided with job details during interview.

Yêu cầu công việc

Good healthy, neat appearance, good communication skills. Minimum 3 years’ experience in the hospitality industry preferred.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Full CV
Chia sẻ:
Tải lên từ máy tính

Chấp nhận tập tin doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, gif, jpg, png dung lượng không quá 3MB





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