Social Media Coordinator

Blush Beach

Quy mô :

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Mô tả công việc

- Research audience preference and discover current trends

-Create engaging text, image and videos content

-Design posts to sustain readers’ curiosity and creat buzz around our brand

-Measure web traffic and monitor SEO

-Stay-up-to-date with hangers in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness

-Train co-workers to use social media in a cohesive and beneficial way

-Facilitate online conversations with customers and respond to queries

-Report online review and feedback from customers and fans

-Develop an optimal posting schedule, considering web traffic and customer engagement metrics

- Oversee social media accounts’ layout

-Suggest new ways to attract prospective customers, like promotions and competitions

- Report to Director is Sales & Marketing

Quyền lợi được hưởng

• Competitive salary and compensation package

• Staff meal in staff canteen

* All benefits by law

• Being part of something new, exciting, and dynamic

Yêu cầu công việc

-Proven work experience as social media coordinator

-Expertise in multiple social media platforms

-Is-depth knowledge of SEO, keyword research and google analytics

-Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)

-Familiarity with online marketing strategies and marketing channels

-Abilities gasp futur trend in digital technologies and act proactively

-Excellent communication skills is a must

-Multitasking and analytical skills

-BS degree I. Marketing, New media or relevant field

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Please send email to email address: send email 

Or contact HR Dept: 0905575369

Chức danh Địa điểm Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
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Hostess 04/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
Cashier 28/10/2019 3 - 5 triệu
Chief Accountant 28/05/2019 Thỏa thuận
Sales Manager 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
Waiter/ Waitress - Nhân viên phục vụ 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
F&B Supervisor - Giám sát nhà hàng 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
Sales Manager - Quản lý kinh doanh 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
Chief Accountant - Kế toán trưởng 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
Bartender - Nhân viên pha chế 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận
Receptionist - Nhân viên lễ tân nhà hàng 14/06/2019 Thỏa thuận

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