Purchasing Manager/ Quản lý mua hàng

Pullman Phu Quoc Beach Resort

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Mô tả công việc

As a purchasing manager, one should work with suppliers to negotiate contracts for the purchase of required goods and keep accurate records of transactions trends.

Also to assist the Finance and Operational Departments in the monitoring, reporting and controlling of Cost of Sales in the hotel, including audit and control, financial analysis and reporting, budgeting, forecasting etc.


Implement sound purchasing policies, systems and procedures in accordance with Pullman Phu Quoc standards.

Monitor vendors for quality, service and price through standard purchasing specifications.

Obtain competitive quotations for hotel requirements and ensure that the best product is sourced and purchased.

Calls for quotations for any items costing more than a certain amount (As per company policy) and inquire into prices from various suppliers.

A minimum of three independent genuine quotations must be obtained.

Establish contracts to ensure reduced pricing for all operating areas of the hotel.

Receives market list from the Executive Chef on a daily basis and arranges for delivery of those items daily.

Ensures that all orders receiving dates are updated by the buyers according to the suppliers promised delivery dates.

Ensures that all authorised or approved purchase orders are sent to their respective suppliers/vendors for delivery purposes on a daily basis.

Ensures & verifies that quotations are regularly updated and supplier’s new current price lists are maintained.

Ensure the efficient operation of the Purchasing section in all aspects.

Research and identify new products and services for the hotel in the market.

Obtains written approval for established Minimum / Maximum stock levels by the financial controller and general manager.

Checks, explain if needed and approves delivered items discrepancy report issued by cost control regarding price and quantity order variances.

Approves all additional requests for new storeroom items, checking correct item description, unit, packing, category and establishes Min/Max estimated stock levels.

Verify the 'pending orders' report on a daily basis, and all pending orders are checked and verified regularly.

On a daily basis prepare the list of to be cancelled orders and sent to accounts for deletion, with appropriate reasons.

Issues regularly slow moving item lists.

Identifies items for standing orders utilising vendor's logistics for regular deliveries to the hotel based on approved highly consumed items.

Ensures validity of items available, force issue obsolete items and follows up on action taken for disposal.

Verifies that all documentation and proper quotations are maintained and filed according to Policy and Procedure requirements.

Approves all storeroom re-order requests, verifying quantities within the established Min/Max stock levels.

Responsible for all administrative functions of the Materials section, staffing, training and execution of other related duties.

Responsible for all purchasing functions, quotations, quality and availability.

Responsible for physical control of all store items until issued, fully documented under strict control procedures (key control, timing schedule, authorised issue requests).

Responsible for maintaining logical storeroom inventory levels operationally needed.

Spot checks storeroom requests if properly maintained, verifies quantity requested and issued, proper items received by signatories & ID availability.

Spot-checks entered system quotations, period validity quotes locked by, etc.

Ensures that the suppliers follow the rules relating to the hygiene of goods delivered.

Keeps all records in a way that they can be checked at any time for information or audit purposes.

Liaison with the Purchasing Clerk, Receiving Agent, Stores Supervisor and F&B Cost Controller

Maintains all documents, files and listings up-to-date and performs his duties in the most efficient manner.

Willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks.

Details to be discussed during interview

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- 05 working days or 40 hrs per week / Làm việc 05 ngày hoặc 40 giờ một tuần.

- Social - Health Insurance per labor law / Bảo Hiểm Xã hội - Bảo hiểm Y Tế

- Pre-Opening Allowance ( when open, Service charge Bonus will apply )

Phụ cấp Tiền khai trương Khách sạn.

- Meal Allowance on duty ( 03 meals per day if stay at staffhouse )

Bữa ăn theo ca ( 03 bữa mỗi ngày nếu ở tại nhà nhân viên )

- Uniform / Đồng phục

- Free Accommodation at nice, modern and comfortable staff house.

Chỗ ở miễn phí tại khu nhà nhân viên đẹp, hiện đại và thoải mái.

- Can enjoy Fitness facilities at staffhouse daily

Có thể sử dụng trang thiết bị phòng tập gym tại Khu nhà nhân viên hàng ngày.

- Telephone allowance ( depend on positions)

- Phụ cấp điện thoại ( tùy vị trí )

- On board Travel expense support / Hỗ trợ chi phí di chuyển khi nhận việc

- Employee of the Month / Quarter / Year Award / Nhân viên xuất sắc Tháng/ Quý/ Năm

- Birthday Celebration / Kỷ niệm sinh nhật

- Year end Bonus, KPI Bonus / Thưởng Cuối năm / Thưởng KPI

- Year End Party / Tiệc Nhân viên cuối năm

- International working environment with many Expatriates

Môi trường làm việc quốc tế với nhiều Quản lý người nước ngoài.

- Free to attend English Courses at the Hotels to improve your communication skill.

Tham dự học các khóa tiếng Anh miễn phí để nâng cao kỹ năng giao tiếp.

- Special discount with Accor property after 06 months of employment

- Chiết khấu đặc biệt với các KS của tập đoàn Accor sau 06 tháng làm việc

- Excellent opportunities for Career Development with Accor Group as it is # 1 in Asia & Vietnam in term of number of managed property.

- Những cơ hội tuyệt vời để phát triển nghề nghiệp với Tập đoàn Accor vì Tập đoàn hiện đứng đầu ở Châu Á và Việt Nam về số lượng Khách sạn Tập đoàn quản lý.

At the moment, Accorhotels group has around 4300 hotels over the world in 100 countries

- Hiện tại Tập đoàn Accor quản lý khoảng 4300 Khách sạn tại 100 quốc gia và lãnh thổ

In Vietnam, Accor has 25 hotels from The North to the South, in 2019 we open 10 more hotels in Vietnam.

Tại Việt Nam, Tập đoàn Accor hiện quản lý 25 Khách sạn và Tập đoàn sẽ khai trương thêm 10 Khách sạn vào năm 2019.



Yêu cầu công việc

- Graduated from College/University in Finance/Accounting/Business Administration/Hospitality or related field with similar experience preferably in international 4-5 star hotels/resorts.

- Good command in English

- Customer Service oriented mind

- Good organizational & multitasking abilities

- Problem solving, Leadership skill

- Teamwork spirit

Assistant Purchasing Manager with good background could be considered to interview

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Contact person / Liên hệ: Ms. Ngọc - Gửi email

Please send your resume in English / Vietnamese.

Vui lòng gửi CV bằng tiếng Anh hoặc tiếng Việt.

Purchasing Manager/ Quản lý mua hàng

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