Executive Housekeeping/Assistant Executive HSK

Zazz Urban Ho Chi Minh

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Ms. Tâm 0968576817 Human Resources Officer
28 30 and 22/1, Su Van Hanh, Ward 9

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Supervises all housekeeping employees, has the authority to hire or discharge, plans and assigns work assignments, give training for newly recruited employees, audit and inspects housekeeping personal work assignment and requisition supplies. Take care of the budget and budget controlling for the department.

Supervises all housekeeping employees, hires new employees as needed, discharges employees when necessary and take disciplinary actions when policies are not followed. Evaluates employees in order to upgrade them when openings arise.

Plans the work for the housekeeping department and distributes assignments accordingly. Assigns regular duties and special duties for housekeeping staff. Schedules employees and assigns extra days off according to occupancy forecast. Maintains a time logbook of all employees within the department.

Recruit and train new employees. Assigns new employees to work with experienced help. Checks on the work of these employees occasionally and observes the report made by the supervisor.

Approves all supply requisitions, such as those for spreads and bathroom rugs. Maintains a lost-and-found department and is responsible for all lost-and-found items. Determines the rightful owner and send correspondences.


• Responsible for cleanliness, orderliness and appearance of the entire Hotel.

• Ensure that rooms are made as per company standard.

• Prepare Annual Housekeeping Budget.

• Maintain par stock of guest supplies, cleaning supplies, linen and uniform.

• Organize inventories with Accounts and General Store for linen, uniform and fixed assets.

• Pay particular attention while organizing pest eradication activities.

• Develop and implement Housekeeping systems and procedures

• Prepare reports for management information.

• Assist Purchase department in selecting suppliers for items related to Housekeeping.

• Plan, control and supervise Horticultural activities.

• Attending and resolving guest complaints.

• Verification of supplies consignments.

• Organize on-the job training and evaluate its effectiveness.

• Approval of the Functional Manual of the department.

• Recommend recruitment of new personnel.

• Daily inspection of public areas and employees locker rooms.

• Daily briefing of Supervisors/ Executives.

• Coordinating the preventive maintenance schedule of rooms and public area with maintenance department.

• Immediately attending to guest requests.

Quyền lợi được hưởng


• Work in a safe manner that does not harm or injure self or others by applying hotel regulations, and adhering to existing laws and regulations

• Ensure that guests’ details are not disclosed.

• Follow emergency procedures to provide for the security and safety of guests and employees.

• Maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene, dress, uniform, appearance and body language as well as per employee handbook set by the Company.

• 2 days OFF per week

Yêu cầu công việc


Responsible Business: Show involvement and be interested in environmental and/or social issues by participating in Responsible Business hotel and departmental activities.

Be co-operative to the entire team for all other duties and do direct job or indirect job to be one team. You may be required to undertake other duties or you may work in another department from time to time as the Hotel may require according to the business requirement

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

- Job application.

- Curriculum vitae 

- Household.

- ID.

- Health check Certification.

- The relevant qualifications: life guard certificate

Executive Housekeeping/Assistant Executive HSK

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Chức danh Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
FB Attendant 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Demi Chef/ Chef de partie 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Guest Service Agent - Female preferable 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Room Attendant 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Bartender/ Bartendy 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Commis de Cuisine 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Chef De Cuisine 31/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Executive Housekeeping/Assistant Executive HSK 31/03/2020 Thỏa thuận





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