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Mô tả công việc

1. To maintain a high customer service focus by approaching your job with the customers always in mind and being proactive in a timely manner towards their needs and requests as per Accor Hotels and the Pullman brand standards.

2. To have a positive impact, taking personal responsibility and initiative to resolve issues, always clearly communicating with both customers and colleagues.

3. To be motivated and committed, approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and seizing opportunities to learn new skills or knowledge in order to improve your personal performance.

4. To be flexible, responding quickly and positively to changing requirements including the performance of any tasks requested of you.

5. To maintain high team focus by showing co-operation and support to colleagues in the pursuit of team goals.

6. To contribute ideas and suggestions to enhance operational/environmental procedures in the Hotel.

7. To actively promote the services and facilities of the Pullman to guests and suppliers of the Hotel.

8. To perform all duties and responsibilities in a manner that ensures your safety and that of others in your workplace.

9. To contribute positively to the Pullman and Accor Hotels by providing both guests and fellow team members with courteous, hassle-free service and by seeking to always maintain a pleasant working environment with each other.


• Ensures that Accor and Pullman brand standards are met or exceeded at all times, throughout the property.

• Ensures compliance of all areas with the risk management standards.

• Responsible and accountable for maintaining the highest fire safety standards in all areas, which includes procedures, training, regular drills, maintenance of smoke/fire detection system and fire fighting equipment.

• Ensures that power generators are operated and maintained at the highest standards, to guarantee a continuous supply of energy for the resort and to ensure a reasonable life span for the units.

• Ensures that the water plant and water treatment plant are operated, maintained and repaired to the highest possible standards, while keeping all related costs under control.

• Ensures that all electrical, refrigeration, air-conditioning systems and heating systems are operated, maintained and repaired to the highest possible standards, while keeping all related costs under control.

• Responsible for the operation of the incineration plant, its’ maintenance and operation in compliance with standards, including environmental standards. Responsible for the overall waste management operation.

• Controls and analyses on an on-going basis the cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene of all pools, Jacuzzi, saunas, and takes necessary action if needed. Keeps accurate records of maintenance and cleaning.

• Maintains a preventive maintenance programme for all facilities, and ensures that the programme is followed and records kept.

• Ensures that all landscapes are kept to the highest possible standards, including the plant nursery and the automatic watering system if applicable to the Pullman.

• Responsible for the maintenance of electronic locks and room safes.

• Assists with all environmental issues as per Planet 21 and other related Accor standards.

• Responsible and accountable for the order, storage, usage of all spare parts and the Workshop in accordance with the highest standards.

• Establishes a list of vital spare parts to be kept in store.

• Ensures that all departments (including off-site) receive maintenance service in a timely, professional and efficient manner, in order to ensure the smooth running of the operations, with special attention to the laundry and kitchen areas.

• Keeps all necessary records for inspection and/or audits.

• Keeps all drawings of the buildings/facilities.

• Keeps a file with instruction manuals for all equipments.

• Keeps a complete and updated key inventory system.

• Ensures that satellite TV and all other audio visual facilities of the resort are in good working order.

• To co-ordinate the formulation of the hotel’s capital plan in his/her area of expertise.

• To assist with the implementation of the hotel’s capital plan wherever necessary.

• To keep abreast of industry trends and competition.


• Ensures that Guest Survey results are as high as possible, on a consistent basis.

• Monitors results, communicates them to the teams, and uses them to identify training required.

• Maintains a high customer service focus, for oneself and team.

• Aims at providing customers with a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience of the resort and its facilities.


• To ensure that all costs of the department, detailed in the revenue plan for the year, are kept under control.

• To be cost conscious.

• To set clear financial objectives to immediate reports and review them on a regular basis.

• Monitors rostering to ensure maximum productivity and full use of multi-skilling opportunities.

• Ensures that turnover and absenteeism are kept to a minimum level.

• Gives feedback to the teams on a regular basis, with regards to the performance of the department and the whole property.

• Ensures that each section which is maybe managed by a supervisor, fully aware and accountable for the section’s performance.

• Provides forecasts and updates on anticipated changes in the business whenever appropriate.

• Provides a monthly report to the General Manager, Executive Assistant Manager and Finance Department.

• Monitors all costs, recommend measures to control them, and implement these measures after review with department heads/directors concerned.

• Works closely with the General Manager and Executive Assistant Manager to co-ordinate the formulation of the expense plan, including manning and operating equipment, in line with the compilation of the Business Plan.

• Carries out regular inventories of operating equipment, and take appropriate actions.

• Analyses, controls and take corrective action when necessary with regards to the following costs: payroll, energy, supplies (list is not limitative).

• Continuously sources for better quality items at the best possible price, without compromising on quality.

• Establishes effective purchasing and receiving procedures with the assistance of the Purchasing Team and Financial Controller.


• Fully embraces a positive behavior for oneself, team, peers, and colleagues.

• Ensures that all team members are aware of the objectives of the property and the department (departmental Objectives).

• Leads by example at all times.

• Provides direction and support to teams on a daily basis.

• Keeps excellent relationships with team, peers, and all other colleagues of the hotel.

• Develops all team members of the department with appropriate training and coaching, either directly, or through appropriate supervisors.

• Ensures that training needs are identified, addressed, and that appropriate action is taken, results monitored and training records accurately kept.

• Ensures that training hours (minimum of 40 hours per full time equivalent) usage are met or exceeded.

• Assists in all areas of occupational health and safety standards, throughout the property.

• Ensures punctuality, grooming and hygiene of all team members.

• Ensures that succession planning for the department is in place.

• Conducts probationary appraisal, Performance Development Reviews for team members of the department.

• Ensures that all team members go through at least one Performance Development Review per year.

• Assigns responsibilities to team members and to check their performance periodically.

• Conducts departmental meetings for all teams, on a regular basis (minimum once per month).

• Conducts daily operations briefing with direct reports/supervisors.

• Monitors vacation planning for the department.

• Keeps courteous, professional relationships with owners, suppliers, colleagues, competitors etc.

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Yêu cầu công việc

• Education : Mechanical engineer qualification, with thorough knowledge of diesel generators and RO plants.

• Language: Proficient in English, both spoken and written

• Experience: Experience of work in a hospitality field area compulsory. 4/5 years as Assistant Chief Engineer or at least 2 years as Chief Engineer in a similar size property, similar remote location.

• Competencies: People management, influence, communication, developing relationships, planning, analyzing information, decision making, commercial awareness, resilience.

• Computer skills: Excel, Word. Powerpoint - compulsory.

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Chief Engineering

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