Beverage Ambassador

Tribe Hospitality Group : The Racha Room , Stoker, Relish & Sons , Phát Dumpling House, Firkin Bar, Dram Bar

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Ms. My 028 38243 003 20 Mạc Thị Bưởi, Quận 1, HCM

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Mô tả công việc

Supplier Oversight

• An important part of a beverage curator’s job is overseeing vendors who supply bar food and beverages. Close interaction with vendors is required to learn about market changes and what products are available, particularly products only available on a seasonal basis. A beverage purchaser is generally responsible for negotiating contracts with vendors as well as reviewing product quality and delivery times to ensure vendors are complying with their contracts. A beverage purchaser is also responsible for finding and evaluating new vendors

Marketing Activities

• Pop ups – getting sponsorship from suppliers for pop up bars for a limited period of free flow.

• Take-overs of brands or collaboration between another business

• Guest shifts local or international

• Product Launches

Work Environment

• Product curator’s work in an environment that typically involves a combination of office work and on-site interaction with the business's customers and suppliers. Office work generally consists of tracking product usage and ordering to ensure timely purchases and maintain sufficient product levels to meet business demands. Computer skills will most likely be necessary to track product. On-site activity typically involves answering Managers questions about product and overseeing vendor deliveries.

Keeping a close relationship with suppliers

• It is imperative to have a good relationship with all suppliers to receive the best deals possible and create activities. The business needs promotions and special deals to maximize profit when writing menus and creating specials for the venues.

Stock take

• Keep a close eye on all beverage stock takes and compare them to actual usage and revenue. Make sure everything falls into line and is costed correctly. Make sure there is no theft or wastage by checking sales and revenue


• Track the prices on the invoices and make sure they line up with the deals and offers that have been setup with accountant. Follow up on price issues.

Beverage Cost Controller Duties and Responsibilities:

• Controlling costs for all beverages

• Control the cocktail recipe file and keep it updated

• Speaking to suppliers and obtaining the best deals on specials

• Weekly monitoring, overview of pricing and cross checking invoices

• Beverage stock take supervising

• Able to effectively control the Beverage Cost.

• Control the Beverage outlets in terms of wastage, pilferage and efficiency.

• Prepare variance analysis to beverage and communicating with relevant parties.

• Check and verify mistakes/ wastage in the POS systems.

• Check and verify discounts on the POS systems.

• Check and verify any happy hours discounts.

• Check and verify venues complimentary discounts (case by case).

• Check and verify all staff discounts.

• Check and verify all settlements done on the POS system.

• Check and cross verify if all sales have been transferred correctly to the Property Management systems

• Check the cost of sales in Beverage in all outlets and ensure that the costs are within budget.

• Check the menu pricing on the POS systems and ensure the correct prices are loaded.

• Oversee the bar checks are being done correctly on a daily basis...

• Continuously study weaknesses in Beverage control implemented at the Venues and provide suggestions for improvements.

• Responsible for linking the articles and Recipes in Material Control.

• Responsible for monthly F&B Report analysis and distribute to management.

• Responsible for surprise spot checks at all F&B outlets.

• Participate in stocktaking at the bars.

• Spot check on the receiving department to ensure that the scales are correct and goods are checked for quality.

• Check and ensure that no material is issued out from the store without requisition or approval from the respective department head.

• Check and ensure all menu items have a recipe.

• Coordinate with restaurant management and finance to sort out issues pertaining to F&B.

• Update selling prices in POS as per the instruction from authorized persons.

• Maintain the security of the information held by the department.

• Responsible to maintain the Menu Pricing, Consumption and POS systems.

• Any other tasks as and when required by the management.

Competitions & training session

• Run in house competitions in each bar for special of the month. Need to source the supplier first with sponsorship for the promotions.

• Be proactive and get the full list of spirit competitions and get a staff member from each venue to enter.

• In charge of setting the spirit training for each venue.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Working in a professional environment, often trained in skills and professional skills.

Many promotion opportunities ..

Enjoy the full range of holidays, New Year holidays, annual leave...

Basic salary increase according to seniority.

Fully have the social insurance - health insurance - Private insurance under the provisions of the State.

Enjoy other preferential regimes: Visiting annual vacation, birthday, ...

Yêu cầu công việc

• 2 years minimum of bartending experience to have an understanding of the role.

• Good verbal and written communication skills.

• Good analytics and reporting skills.

• Experience with excel Accounting System, POS Systems and cost and inventory systems.

• Ability to multitask, work in a fast-paced environment.

• Have a high-level attention to detail.

• Ability to work independently and to partner with others to promote an environment of teamwork.

• Supplier relationships with focus on brand takeovers, guest shifts, pop ups, promotions, events, product launches, competitions

• Training support with focus on staff development, structured 12 month training plan, evaluations & appraisals, competitions.

• Exemplary inter-departmental relationships and communications

• Flexibility with working hours

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

- CV Tiếng Anh , Sơ yếu lý lịch. / English CV

- Bản sao hộ khẩu, CMND / Copy of Personal ID

- Văn bằng, chứng chỉ có liên quan / Related diplomas and certificates

- Giấy khám sức khỏe / Heath certification

- Hình 3x4 (2 tấm) mới nhất / 3x4 images x 2

Beverage Ambassador

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Tribe Hospitality Group : The Racha Room , Stoker, Relish & Sons , Phát Dumpling House, Firkin Bar, Dram Bar

Địa chỉ: 20 Mạc Thị Bưởi, Quận 1, HCM

Điện thoại: 028 3824 3003