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Mô tả công việc

Position Overview:

 To be responsible for planning, managing, controlling, coordinating and participating in Human Resources activities.

 To be responsible for the formulation, recommendation and implementation of hotel policies and procedures.

 To be responsible for planning, coordinating and conducting training need analysis and training programs together with

the Training Manager (if any) in order to enhance the quality service and to improve the staff performance and efficiency

in handling hotel guests.

Key Responsibilities:


 To manage the Human Resources department ensuring staff comply with hotel policies and procedures and local and

government regulations.

 To develop and implement recruitment and screening systems and procedures in order to attract the most qualified

candidates for position vacancies in the hotel.

 To coordinate with requisitioning departments, the recruitment of employees following established standards, policies

and procedures; to assist them in the orientation, training, development and evaluation of their personnel.

 To support & develop all HODs in their Human Resource duties.


 To maintain and update policies and procedures and other human resources matters.

 To monitor the administration of the Performance Appraisal Program and act in an advisory capacity to department

heads in such process.

 To prepare and submit periodic reports to Accor Human Resources-Asia as well as for management's use in accordance

with hotel and government requirements such as salary scales, manning guide, etc...

 To prepare the related budget of the Human Resources department.

 To check and amend any training activities, programs, policies and curriculum of the training department.

 To prepare the hotel annual training plan based on the guideline from Accor Human Resources Development section.

 To prepare all the quality training manuals and generic training.

 To keep an individual employee, supervisory and management training record.


 To recruit the qualified personnel for each department based on the personnel requisition form approved by the

divisional head and General Manager.

 To analyze the hotel manpower requirements in order to recommend on selection and development activities to meet

those requirements.

 To monitor present and future trends in the local labor situation, social legislation and make any recommendations to

the hotel management.

 To review personnel policies, procedures and practices and recommend any changes, modification or updating to the


 To monitor and review the hotel's benefits and compensation levels and recommend any appropriate changes.

 To prepare succession plan for the potentials for middle and senior management level with the department/division

heads and Executive Assistant Manager and General Manager. - Accor's guideline.

 To monitor the progress of succession plan and recommend any internal promotion for those completing the succession

plan with satisfactory performance. - Accor's guideline.

 To conduct orientation, Introduction to Accor, Accor vision and values and generic training: Hygiene and Sanitary,

Grooming for the new and existing staff.

 To oversee practical training for new employees, student and management trainees.

 To monitor re-training programs to increase skill and update the information for existing staff.

 To prepare and issue correspondences relating to the Human Resources department.

 To implement innovaccor and encourage staff to share new ideas for hotel improvement. If the idea is implemented, to

arrange for an award to be granted to staff.

 To conduct weekly and monthly meeting with the Human Resources staff for assignment follow up and information

dissemination purposes.

 To counsel hotel personnel as and when needed in areas such as career planning, training and development and

employee relations.

 To investigate and review all disciplinary actions to ensure the actions are complying with the labor law, hotel rules and

regulations. To consult with department heads an appropriate action and recommend the final results in consultation

with the General Manager.

 To ensure staff comply with the hotel policies and procedures as well as government regulations pertaining to

employment practice.

 To ensure that the internal training programs are conducted as planned to improve staff knowledge and necessary skills

up to the hotel and Accor standards.

 To conduct salary survey with the other leading hotels in town regularly.

 To monitor Accor Human Resources projects are implemented consistently.

 To monitor corporate training roll out programs have been conducted consistently by the hotel certified trainers.


 To assist the Management in any activity to help promote business and revenue for the hotel.

 To improve the performance of all staff as well as develop better service for hotel guests through training and human

resources management system which creates staff loyalty and commitment.


 To create a good working atmosphere and efficient cooperation in the Human Resources department.

 To implement and monitor effective employee relations and motivation programs in the hotel.

 To develop and implement programs to ensure employee and guest security and safety.

 To disseminate information affecting employer-employee relations, employee activities and hotel personnel policies and

programs as well as information regarding training activities and skill improvement programs.

 To coordinate and execute employees' social, athletic and recreational activities.

 To coordinate functions and activities with other departments professionally.


 Reports to General Manager.

 Maintains a good working relations with all Head of other Departments.

 Government Matters Liaison officer, communicate and coordinate all activities He/She maintains also relations with external contacts government official, labour, tax immigration, police department and lawyers office, other hotel's Personnel Manager or Directors to be aware of any change of salary, welfare and benefits in the market and all companies related to hotel activities.

 Coordinates functions and activate with other Department Heads.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Attractive salary and bonus

Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to Labor Laws

Professional, dynamic working environment

Yêu cầu công việc


• Strong leadership, interpersonal and negotiation skills

• Excellent communication and customer contact skills

• Results and service oriented with an eye for details

• Ability to multi-task, work well in stressful & high-pressure situations

• A team player & builder

• A motivator & self-starter

• Well-presented and professionally groomed at all times

Knowledge and Experience

• Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management / Hotel Management

• Minimum 3 years of Human Resources Management experience

• Excellent reading, writing and oral proficiency in English language

• Proficient in MS Excel, Word, & PowerPoint

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

- Chứng minh nhân dân

- Sổ hộ khẩu

- Giấy khám sức khỏe

- Sơ yếu lý lịch

- Xác nhận hạnh kiểm

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