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Ms Cherry Vo NA 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Job Summary

F&B Locality Guru is generally responsible for executing the F&B operations at Wink property. Additionally, F&B Locality Guru’ focusses are including performing the inventory count, including food and beverages, supplies and other restaurant equipment. This role is also providing cross – functional support to the Hangout Space team to fulfill the service flow.

F&B Locality Guru reports directly to the F&B Hangout Coach and works closely with the Hangout Space team in order to provide cross – functional support.

Personality & Ethos

• Clear, confident in all means of communications

• Self-motivated, proactive, and takes initiative

• Demonstrates self-esteem, self-management, integrity and honesty

• Passionate about customer service and serving others

• Hospitable and empathic listener

• Multi-tasker; manages time and prioritizes effectively

• Thoughtful, observant, creative in delivering guest satisfaction

• Process-oriented, detail-minded, organized

• Accountable, responsible, reliable

• Able to stay calm and positive under pressure

• Thrives in fast-paced, changing environment and shows agility

• Analytically minded, decisive, creative and thoughtful problem-solving

• Resilient to adversity, adaptable to change

• Embraces Vietnamese identity and builds loyalty for the future

• Embraces diverse cultures and being a team player

• Embraces and drives “Wink” personalization, brand and culture


Guest Engagement

• Creating unique, customized, authentic guest experiences based on thoughtful observation and active listening though guests’ expressed and non-expressed preferences

• Collaborating with fellow departments to create unique, customized, authentic guest experiences based on available resources and teamwork

• Taking initiative and proactive approaches when handling guest preferences, requests and concerns

• Being readily available and approachable to all guests and provide warm, friendly, genuine services to guests

• Ensuring that functions achieve or exceed guests’ expectations

• Extending professionalism and courtesy to guests at all times and displaying the brand values of the company

• Coaching, motivating, encouraging and empowering team to take initiative and be proactive to handle customer preferences, requests and concerns

Team Engagement

• Receiving and learning all goals and results with the FOH and BOH team members

• Promoting teamwork and morale among all departments and members at all levels and functions

• Performing by example while demonstrating self-confidence, energy, enthusiasm and humility

• Encouraging the team actively and willingly participates in job-related activities including daily briefings, weekly meetings, on-going and regular hard skill and soft skill training workshops, cross-training programs, and other engagements as required

• Encouraging that the team participates in industry and guest-related activities including networking events, self-sought education programs, acting as guide outside of the hotel function, and other innovative engagements

• Proactively provide cross – functional support to the Hangout Space team to fulfill and ensure the service flow without any interruption


• Ensuring compliance with all corporate accounting procedures

• Working closely with line manager to learn and understand revenue and performance results

• Provide insightful and relevant cost-saving suggestions on a regular basis

Operations and Brand Compliance

• Executing and following F&B service and operations to maintain the highest possible seat covers and average check through suggestive selling and periodic F&B promotion if applicable

• Following own assigned F&B sections including providing dining area set up, preparing the mise en place, checking the food and drink quality before serving to the guests

• Welcoming, guiding the guests and offering recommendations according to guests’ needs and wants

• Taking orders and delivering of food/beverages to the guests are properly executed in an efficient, friendly and effective manner

• Clearing and re setting the dining areas to ensure the place is well organized and clean at all time

• Preserving excellent levels of internal and external customer service

• Anticipating and confirming guests’ needs and respond proactively to all of their concerns

• Handling customer complains

• Maintaining cleanliness and mise-en-place level at working station and service pantry for smooth operation

• Proactively provide cross – functional support to the Hangout Space team to fulfill and ensure the service flow without any interruption

• Following strictly cash handling policy and procedures

• Maintaining safe, secure, and healthy environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures as well as food safety

• Following all the policies and procedures of Wink Hotels to ensure operations standards are consistent

• Regularly participating in team briefing to have related information regarding to bookings, events, special requests, unavailable items, and other matters

• Following and maintaining excellent grooming standard and uniform guidelines of Wink Hotels at all times

• Maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene and body language at all time

Collaboration with the Hangout Space team

• Being knowledgeable about the local areas in order to provide an overall guidance to the guest, in and around the hotel and city, make recommendations tailored around the wishes of the guest

• Ensuring arrivals and arrangements upon departure are properly executed in an efficient, friendly and effective manner

• Ensuring rooms are allocated in accordance with guest requirements and business needs

• Following up all outstanding payments and liaising with Sales & Marketing and Finance & Accounting departments with integrity

• Ensuring all check-in/out procedures are implemented in accordance with established standards for maximum efficiency

• Being knowledgeable of rates and proactively promote room sales to potential walk-in guests

• Ensuring the thorough collection and accurate recording of guest profile information

Other Responsibilities

• Understanding and continually updating relevant policies, procedures and service delivery standards of this position

• Understanding and continually updating Human Resource policies, procedures and code of discipline while promoting management, team and cross-department support, leadership, professionalism and good relations

• Performing other related duties and functions assigned by the Area Operations Manager

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Full contribution for SI, HI, UI

Service charge

Annual leave

Yêu cầu công việc

• Over 02 year’s experience in service industry related work, preferably with pre-opening experience with F&B background is ideal

• Diploma in hotel and restaurant management, hospitality management, business management, marketing, or related field is suggested but not required

• Good written and verbal communication skills in both Vietnamese and English, other languages a plus

• Ability to easily connect and provide a warm (first) contact for our guests, continuously making it personal at every interaction

• Ability to provide on the job training, peer mentorship, team development and coaching

• Ability to work across all hotel sectors and departments at a basic level to best understanding role in FOH management and departmental collaboration

• Actively work to build a community of one, in actions and feelings

• Conflict management, impact and influencing; listening, understanding and responding; teamwork and cooperation

• Ability anticipate problems and offer solutions; provide high level of attention to detail

• Computer literacy, knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, Hotel operations systems and POS

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Wink Hotels

Địa chỉ: 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.