Supervisor, Housekeeping

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Mô tả công việc

Main Purpose of the Job:

To train, coach, empower, motivate and assist housekeeping employees in providing exceptionally clean, neat and well maintained guest rooms and corridors in accordance with the hotel’s policy procedures and standards of cleanliness and quality.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

• To arrive at work on time in the uniform provided, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance, according to the employee handbook.

• To have a complete knowledge of the hotel product, including room types, rates, relative features and facilities, food and beverage outlets/promotions, spa, fitness center and etc.

• Receive daily worksheets for room attendants and briefing from executive housekeeper acting as room coordinator in allocating the house every morning. The briefing will include a clear understanding of:-

- Staff location (which room attendants to which floor)

- Rooms to be covered (productivity required for the day)

- VIP arrivals or special requests (foam pillows, chemical free room and etc.)

- Casual staff allocation and length of working time

- Special rooms (pre-registered or room wait)

• Read the housekeeping logbook every day for any noted relevant to their areas of that needs their attention or response.

• Supervisors and on-duty staff attend general housekeeping briefing to discuss about the following points:

- Occupancy levels- number of guests arriving, departing and stay-over.

- Number of vacant ready, vacant clean, vacant dirty rooms at the start of the day.

- Room allocations for VIP arrivals, registered.

- Special requests other than those listed on worksheets (service times, special amenities, extra towels etc...)

• This briefing will also give staff the opportunity to communicate their feedback on all matters relating to their work. The briefing can also be used for general training purposes.

• A supervisor’s role is first and foremost to ensure that the high standard of cleanliness and quality is maintained as well as audit team for productivity figures.

• Check all VIP arrival rooms first thing to make sure all is in perfect order as per VIP arrival LSOP guidelines.

• Ensure of spending 10-20 minutes per working day with each of the room attendants on their floor. These 10-20 minutes are to be as a facilitator or coach, in other words “Hands-on”, training, coaching, counseling, encouraging, physically helping the room attendants to ensure that:

• A high standard of cleanliness is maintained.

• Standard cleaning procedures are maintained as per initial room attendant training.

• Standardize a consistent visually pleasing room presentation.

• Foster goodwill and teamwork between themselves and line staff.

• Ensure that guest corridors, guest lift areas as well as pantries and service areas are kept clean and tidy. If a corridor needs to be vacuumed and/or dusted supervisors are to firstly see if a designated person on duty can do this task. If no other resources are available, supervisors will be expected to carry out the task themselves. Corridors are vacuumed and dusted every day by the designated person.

• Randomly inspect rooms each floor every day and submit an inspection sheet. These rooms are in addition to the rooms cleaned by the room attendant. These inspection sheets are to be reviewed on a daily basis with the assistant executive housekeeper or executive housekeeper.

• Coordinate with the uniform room attendant for special cleaning requests from front office and/or guests.

• At all times communication between room attendants and supervisors is to be cordial, polite and honest. Supervisors and room attendants are to work together in order to reach the common goal of both parties.

• The company standard of quality and cleanliness is maintained through ongoing training and coaching.

• Productivity levels are closely monitored to ensure fairness, equity and harmony through teamwork and communication.

• Ensure that assigned working hours and breaks are strictly adhered to by themselves primarily, and the floor employees accordingly.

• Check immediately upon discovery of illness of guest and/or housekeeping employee and offer assistance by notifying the housekeeping office so that further steps can be undertaken.

• To perform all jobs in an efficient manner to achieve a productivity level of merit.

• Attend training sessions and meeting as required.

• Perform tasks as requested by management.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

  • Insurance
  • Employee Shuttle Service
  • Incentive bonus
  • Health checkup
  • Training & Development
  • Salary review
  • Annual Leave

Yêu cầu công việc


• At least Vocational diploma in any field

• At least 2 year experience in housekeeping supervisory level

• Good in inter-personality and supervisory skill

• Proficiency in English

• Good in driving results and people management and development

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

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Supervisor, Housekeeping

Chức danh Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
Lead Houseman 31/12/2020 Thỏa thuận
Supervisor, Housekeeping 31/12/2020 Thỏa thuận
ORDER TAKER (Bộ phận Buồng phòng) 20/10/2020 Thỏa thuận
Floor Supervisor 30/09/2020 Thỏa thuận
Public Area Supervisor 30/07/2020 Thỏa thuận
IN ROOM DINING SUPERVISOR 29/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
[Vinpearl Nam Hội An] Tuyển dụng Tổ trưởng cây xanh 30/05/2020 8 - 12 triệu
Giám sát Sân vườn 11/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Housekeeping Supervisor 20/03/2020 Thỏa thuận
Giám sát Laundry 31/03/2020 5 - 8 triệu
Housekeeping Supervisor 29/02/2020 Thỏa thuận





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