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To Mai Anh 02433117555 - Ext: 2082 Manager, HR
343 Đội Cấn, Liễu Giai, Ba Đình, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Mô tả công việc

The Marketing Communications Executive plans, controls, coordinates and participates in all communication activities with an emphasis on public and media relations.

(70% PR vs. 30% Advertising/Collateral Development).

Under the guidance and supervision of the DOSM and within the limits of established hotel policies and procedures, he/she promotes good quality and positive communications in order to promote and enhance the image of the property.

 Strategic Responsibilities:

o Actively create a strong image for the property in both international and regional markets

o Ensure that effective and efficient day-to-day internal and external communications are implemented

o Support each department’s marketing communication needs based on the priorities and anticipated business levels

o Ensure that business, political and social factors which may affect the property are highlighted and communicated to all concerned individuals

o Maintain a successful analysis of the competitors’ marketing and other communication activities to develop and maintain a competitive edge

 Public Relations- Domestic:

o Assess all media inquiries including magazine, newspaper, TV and photographer and respond in a timely manner

o Manage all photo shoots, interviews and filming at the property

o Develop and maintain strong media relations to maximise media coverage

o Proactively source key media visits and manage all aspects of media visits including logistics, bookings, itineraries, materials and hosting

o Develop and maintain a media kit and ensure that it is up-to-date

o Create and organise appropriate press activities in accordance with the annual communications plan

o Draft hotel press releases and GM speeches

o Distribute newsworthy hotel press releases to local media, regional PR offices and ONYX PR for onward media distribution

o Support Sales and F&B team in promotional and marketing campaigns through public relations activities

o Update and maintain media database

o Daily news monitoring and monthly report creation as per ONYX standard

o Handle crisis media communications with support and guidance from SLIM-PR office

o Conduct regular media desk side visits and acknowledge anniversaries

 Public Relations- International:

o Develop and maintain a good relationship with the PR agencies by responding to all agency related requests in a timely and effective manner with assistance from the ONYX PR team

o Ensure that PR agencies are aware of all business targets and kept informed of performance results

o Manage the agency invoices and budgets

o Share activity reports from PR agencies with all individuals concerned

o Proactively source key media visits and manage all aspects of media visits including logistics, bookings, itineraries, materials and hosting

o Provide relevant and interesting stories to PR agencies on a regular basis

 Advertising and Photography:

o Work closely with ONYX Brand Department in maximising advertising budget and planning

o Ensure all international and local creatives are developed, reviewed and approved by ONYX Brand Department in a timely manner before submitting artwork to media

o Directs photography for editorial and advertising purposes in liaison with the DSM, advertising agency and ONYX PR

o Coordinate with each department to ensure that photo shoots run smoothly

o Assist every department in taking images for both internal and external events

o Ensure the property’s photography library is maintained and updated

 Collaterals:

o Ensure all collaterals are updated and sufficient supplies are in stock

o Assist each department in creating artwork for some collateral material that could be done in-house (i.e. menu, e-card, flyer)

o Oversee the production of all printed and digital collaterals for F&B, Marketing and Rooms Divisions following the specifications stipulated by ONYX Brand department

o Ensure hotel information is updated regularly on ONET,, ONYX press centre and relevant online publications

o Oversee the planning, production and sending out of all direct marketing collateral in line with the annual communications plan

o Determine overall marketing communications campaign ROI. Monitor and review the response rates in order to improve and take corrective measures (where applicable)

o Oversee the production and execution of external hotel newsletter

o Approve copy for all collateral pieces for consistency with the brand message

o Act as brand custodian for all internal and external communication pieces

 Social Media:

o Manage property fan pages on a daily basis

o Prepare monthly post for Facebook in advance

o Assist General Manger and E-distribution by drafting responses to online reviews

o Build and maintain relationship with influential bloggers

 Partner Relationships/Sponsorship:

o Review all partners’ collaterals to ensure accuracy and suitability of facts and images

o Assess all partner marketing opportunities (i.e. airlines, credit cards) with DSM/ GM approval

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Comparative salary

- 05 days working per week

Yêu cầu công việc

- Having at least 03 years experience in the same position from 4-5* star hotel

- Good English communication

- Good understand of Marcom trend in Hospitality Industry

Career Competencies

 Goal Setting

o Sets challenging but achievable goals for self

 Communication

o Communicates effectively with colleagues and subordinates

o Can influence others to change views

 Service Mindset

o Always puts the needs of the guest first

o Recommends improvements to guest experience

 Teamwork and Collaboration

o Works well with others - asks for help and offers support when needed

 Process and Project Management

o Follows standard procedures and performs job efficiently

o Can effectively manage processes/projects to a deadline

 Problem Solving

o Tackles difficult problems effectively

 Management and Leadership

o Where appropriate, supervises the work of others well

o Is decisive and takes full responsibility for final decisions

 Mentoring and Coaching

o Is viewed as a good mentor and actively coaches others

 Change and Innovation

o Is calm and focused during times of change or uncertainty

o Comes up with ideas for improvement

 Professional Development

o Always looks for opportunities to improve skills

 Values

o Consistently acts in line with our core values

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