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Theo dõi Nhà tuyển dụng này
Ngày tạo gian : 18/02/2018

Quy mô : 10 - 24

Sunday in Hoi An - Cửa hàng kính doanh qua lưu niệm và các sản phẩm trang trí nhà tại Phố cổ Hội An. For the travelling muses and explorers at heart, Sunday in Hoi An sets to bring you the carefree and happy feeling of doing everything that you truly love. From lazy mornings enjoying breakfast in bed to glamorous Sunday brunch with one too many glasses of champagne. From sunrise yoga on the beach to hours of pampering at the spa. From focusing to make the perfect pie for your loved ones to enjoying a sunset cocktail and letting all your troubles melt away. For us, the littlest things can certainly inspire and enrich our daily life, whether it be the softest linen bedding that makes you feel like sleeping on clouds, beautiful ceramics to make every dish even more delicious, lovely scented candles that relax you during bath time, or even the most luxurious touch of satin on your skin that makes you feel like a million dollars. With that in mind, we have put together a selection of beautiful goods and gifts, with an emphasis on handmade, high quality and design to add a unique touch to your day-to-day living. The team at Sunday in Hoi An has sought to work with master artisans from various handicraft villages throughout Vietnam and Southeast Asia to create beautiful handmade products from natural materials such as bamboo, silk, linen, wood… We are passionate about curating a chic and sustainable experience and lifestyle using the exceptional creative skills that our artisans have to offer. And we hope that by doing so, we can deliver a little sunshine from Hoi An to enrich your life and the space you live in. Because for us, it’s Sunday everyday in Hoi An.

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SUNDAY in Hoi An

Địa chỉ: 76 Trần Phú, Hội An

Điện thoại: 01262517120