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THÔNG TIN NHÀ tuyển dụng

Theo dõi Nhà tuyển dụng này
Ngày tạo gian: 30/09/2014

Quy mô :

The best choice with luxury boutique hotel in Hanoi Old Quarters bring you much comfortable as well as elegant feeling during stay !!! Just a walking minute to legendary Hoan Kiem Lake, night market at Old Quater where you can see the local peoples acitivites , do shopping at these souvenir shops along to the night market road. The charming guest room with amenities made by Bat Trang ceramic and an interior sculpture wooden design and laquer painting art from the Hanoi famous painter bring you an enjoyable rest after long day excursion. Our boutique appointed rooms including 34 Classic rooms, 8 Classic Deluxe City View, 3 Palmy Panorama Suite invite the rest, friendly and relaxation with our refined gamut inside. We ensure your all convenience to stay at our hotel with our central aircondition system, free wireless access, throughout the hotel area. Full equipment inside the room such as TV LCD 32inch with over 60 international channels, DVD player, electronic balance, mini-bar, luxury bath room setup, electric entrance door as 5 stars international hotel standard. We are confident to bring the best and friendly sevrice as well as all satisfaction. Welcome to The PALMY HOTEL & SPA to enjoy our unique at boutique style hotet in old quater as soon as it opens to public in Aug 2014.

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The Palmy Hotel & Spa

Địa chỉ: 4A - 4B ngõ Bảo Khánh, quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Điện thoại: 0972546622