Nguyễn Minh Hoàng

Nguyễn Minh Hoàng

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COVER LETTER Dear Company Management, Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for your attention to my letter; I got information about your vacancy form internet. After carefully consider, I decide to send you my resume in the attachment, to make an opportunity to join you. For me, hospitality is not only a job, it's also my passion, I do it by my heart and my responsibility and all my ability, and also like to share my experience to other collage as well learn for new knowledge to improve my self. After working period time, I learnt the best thing to improve my life and my career: "can do" attitude - I proud to against with the problem and beat it; and proud to develop together with the company. And there is very nice motivate for me: normally, I improve 20% of revenue for company that I working for (compare with before I come), well training to staff, create well S.O.P to control department activities and control the cost. With me, working is always find something to improve myself and my company, work like a machine is not my style. Flexibility and guest service mindset is my strong point to solve the problem and situation, also understand very well Viet Nam business environment make me confident to apply this job. I also specially pay attention to make sure the best customer's satisfy. Started as a Trainee Waiter at New World Sai Gon Hotel - under Marriott International Management from 2002, I have more than 19 years working experience in hospitality industry with many type of service, including: - Catering & food court (Samsung Welstory, Aden Service) - Set up some new franchise restaurant (Thai Express, King BBQ, Hotpot Story....) - F&B Golf (FLC Sam Son Golf Links) - Pre- opening & operation hotel & resort experience (Dai Nam Great Wall Hotel, Cen Deluxe Phu Yen Hotel, Rosa Alba Resort Phu Yen, Doan Gia Phong Nha Resort 3 stars). With that experience, and passion to improve my own ability and non-stop contribute for company I work for, I am confidence to reach any difficult task to improve together with our company. Once again, I would like to say thank-you for your attention to my letter. If you need any information, please don't hesitate to call me to discuss. I always welcome for any further information.

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Họ và tên
Nguyễn Minh Hoàng
Giới tính
Ngày sinh
03/03/1985, 36 tuổi
Địa chỉ
293 Đoàn Văn Bơ, Phường 18, quận 4, TP. Hồ Chí Minh.
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I am looking for F&B Manager Position at 5 stars hotel / resort project or General Manager Position for 3 -4 stars hotel / resort project.

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HOD Certificate


Professional HOD training by Berjaya International group.

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Swissbel Hotel Wooshu Biên Hòa

F&B Service Standard - Khác

Đại học Kỹ thuật công nghệ Cần Thơ

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Berjaya International

Professional HOD - Khác

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Resort Manager tại The Eco Tropicana Garden

Lâm Đồng, Việt Nam

- Setup an Eco Resort - name is The Eco Tropicana Garden located in Bao Lam District, Lam Dong province for a startup hospitality company. - 95 Villas, 2,9 hectares project, restaurant, cafe, 24 hours reception, tour desk, camping service, room service, MICE... - Hiring all HODs and rank & file staff, with lowest budget in the Covid pandemic period. - Make the Budget for all resort activities. - Re- zoning the resort utility construction. - Prepare all licenses for the resort operation. - Setup all resort KIPs. - Setup the sale target, finance target for the resort. - Other works to grand opening the resort. - Setup the working policy for all departments. - Setup all staff hand book, staff policy, room directory, CIP.... for the resort. - Other task to open a new resort.

General Manager tại Đoàn Gia Phong Nha

Quảng Bình

- In charge to setup a new -3 stars hotel with 48 rooms. - Do multi task to make sure the operation of resort is done and ready to reach deadline. - Respond to manage and control with HR, Finance, budget... - Respond to all F&B, HK, FO... department activities. - Setup the pre- opening office. - Make the tool list and equipment list to setup for all departments. - Make relationship with local government, local supplier. - Collect the customer and partner database (company, government organization, travel agent, tour guide...) to make business plan. - Make the marketing plan, marketing strategy and define the resort’s branding. - Make organization chart and hiring, training staff. - Create P&L, accountant report and other accountant procedure list. - Prepare all certificate for operation. - Respond to all safety and security rule of resort. - Make the checklist and plan to do maintenance with all machines in the resort. - Make plan to cope with the calamity as well. - Make all operation procedure and policy and checklist of resort; make sure all is running smooth. - Make the document and working form and public to all departments.

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Ms. Phu The Thuy Van Human Resource Manager - An Lan Hospitality

Mr. Đông Finance Director - Tan Hoa Lu Group

unknow@unknow - 0855 850 225

Ms. Huyen Hospitality Consultant - Gia Han Hospitality

Khongro@khongro - 098 216 2386