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✨️ Trinh Mai Trung | Luxury & Concept Hotels Optimizer

✨️ Trinh Mai Trung | Luxury & Concept Hotels Optimizer

Hồ sơ 5 sao 302 Lượt xem hồ sơ

Nam, 21/02/1995, 29 tuổi

Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh

Cập nhật: 12/07/2024

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Liên hệ thành công 1 19:57 30/06/2024
Liên hệ không thành công 0 Chưa có
Kinh nghiệm làm việc
Từ 10 đến 20 năm
Vị trí
Trưởng bộ phận/ Trưởng phòng
Mức lương mong muốn
40 - 50 triệu
Nơi mong muốn làm việc
Toàn Quốc, Hà Nội, HCMC, Kiên Giang, Lâm Đồng
Ngoại ngữ
Tiếng Anh (Giỏi)
Quy mô công ty lớn nhất từng làm
5 sao

Giới thiệu bản thân

Ready to Unlock Exceptional Hotel Revenue Growth? Contact me now! ⏩ Project Link: ⏩ LinkedIn Link: . WHAT I CAN DO: ✒ Strategic Planning & Revenue Management: Collaborate with the Board of Management to design winning strategies, optimize pricing across market segments, and maximize revenue from all business sources. ✒ E-Commerce & Distribution Mastery: Take the lead on hotel's e-commerce strategy, leveraging digital tools and technologies to manage pricing across distribution channels. ✒ Boosting Online Presence: Expand hotel's reach through New OTA Listings, Impactful Promotions, Campaigns, Loyalty Programs, etc ✒ Data-Driven Decisions (Report): Gain valuable insights through Market Intelligence, Rate Shopping and Booking Behavior Analysis to optimize pricing, enhance visibility, and drive conversions. ✒ Technology Expertise: Source, evaluate technology solutions (PMS/HMS, CMS/CRS, RMS, etc.), and advise to streamline operations & improve productivity. ✒ Fostering Partnerships: Consolidate relationships with key stakeholders (OTA Market Managers, Clients and Suppliers). ✒ Unlock Growth Opportunities: Branding, Performance Marketing, Content Creation and Social Media Advertising, Graphic Design.

Trình độ học vấn chuyên môn

Ho Chi Minh City University of Education

Literature - Đại học

2013 → 2017

This program cultivates well-rounded bachelors in Literature with a strong foundation in literary knowledge and a commitment to ethical and healthy living. Graduates possess the skills to analyze and apply literary concepts and can pursue careers in various literary fields. This includes work within production facilities, institutes, or research centers. The program also equips students for further academic pursuits in diverse areas such as Linguistics, Vietnamese Literature, Foreign Literature, Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Vietnamese Studies, and "Hán-Nôm" (Ancient Vietnamese Language).

Kĩ năng

PMS/HMS: Infor, Smile, NewWay, eZee Absolute, CiHMS (VinHMS), eZcloud, RedFox
CMS/CRS, RMS: D-Edge, Sabre, Hotelink, eZee Centrix, BlueJay - Channex, eZee Mint, RedCM
Booking Engine: Fastbooking (D-Edge BackOffice), Synxis (Sabre), HotelLink, RedBE
OTA Extranet:, Expedia, Agoda, Traveloka,, AirBnB, Mytour, VNTrip, Go2Joy
Microsoft Office: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
Others: OTA Insight, Tableau, Google Spreadsheet, Google Gemini, ChatGPT, Canva, Adobe Photoshop

Kinh nghiệm làm việc


4/2020 → Hiện tại

Ho Chi Minh City

✨ UP-TO-DATE CLIMAX Hybrid - Remote . In this role, I'm responsible for accelerating all revenue streams (Lodging, Food & Beverages, Spa, Transportation and Other Departments) for a diverse collection of properties with a particular focus on two unique hotels: ⏩ Smarana Saigon Antique (98 rooms): Coming Soon by the late 2024 - This luxurious hotel promises an unforgettable experience, where every detail whispers tales of the South Vietnamese Cochin culture's rich heritage. ⏩ Smarana Hanoi Heritage (20 rooms, 01 restaurant, 01 spa, 01 executive lounge, 01 sky bar): This one-of-a-kind hotel pays tributes to the beauty of Hang Trong folk paintings. Explore the property and its offerings here: ✒ Smarana Hanoi Heritage - Hotel and Retreats: ✒ Restaurant La Carpe: ✒ Skybar Lunaire: ✒ Spa Le Paon: In addition to these new properties, I'm also overseeing the revenue strategies for: ⏩ Genuss Tam Dao - Hideaway Retreats (94 rooms, 01 swimming pool & sauna, 01 gym room, 01 restaurant): ⏩ The Bloom Hanoi & Flora Bistro (38 rooms): ⏩ The Bloom Pham Viet Chanh - Modern Living Space in Saigon (38 rooms): ⏩ The Bloom Classic & Flora Bistro (26 rooms): ⏩ Poonsa Duy Tan Hotel & Serviced Apartment (24 rooms): ::: - Strategic Planning & Growth: Assist the Director of Sales & Marketing to develop Business Strategies, Annual Budgets and Rolling Forecasts ensuring long-term successes. - Pricing & Distribution Expertise: Spearhead Pricing Strategy, Yield Management & Revenue Mix Optimization for all market segments, business sources and distribution channels. - E-Commerce & Digital Marketing: Lead multi-hotels E-Commerce efforts, utilizing digital tools and technologies to control pricing and inventory across all channels. - Driving Online Success: Collaborate with the Marcom team to design impactful seasonal campaigns on online booking platforms, social media and hotel website. - Organizing High-Performing Team: Supervise a team of 9 Reservations Agents and 1 E-Commerce Executive, achieving impressive results like exceeding 90% occupancy (for 338 rooms), increasing monthly ARR by 10%, and optimizing additional revenue streams. - Data-Driven Decision Making: Implement Market Intelligence, Rate Shopping and Booker Insight Reports, analyzing travel trends in Nationality, LOS, Lead time, No-shows & Cancellations to optimize ADR/ARR, RevPAR, Hotel Visibility and OTA Conversion Rates. - Technology Solutions: Source, evaluate technology solutions (PMS/HMS, CMS/CRS, RMS, BE, Rate Spy tools), and advise hotel management on productivity-enhancing solutions. - Relationship Cultivation: Foster relationships with key stakeholders (OTA Market Managers, Clients & Suppliers).

E-Commerce Manager tại Khách sạn Draha Hạ Long

3/2021 → Hiện tại

Ho Chi Minh City

✨ COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE IN CITY HOTELS AND DESTINATIONS Freelance - Remote . - Pricing Strategy & Yield Management: Implement auto-pricing strategies, defining selling room rates based on market trends, competitor pricing & booking data to optimize Hotel Occupancy, ADR/ARR, Room Revenue, RevPAR. - E-Commerce Leadership: Lead OTA sales efforts, generating OTA bookings and distribution channel revenue. - Weekly Booking Growth: Spearhead initiatives to drive consistent weekly booking growth, outperforming hotel occupancy and revenue goals. - Market Intelligence: Stay abreast of Bookers' Insights, Market Trends & Competitor Pricing to inform strategic decision-making.

Assistant Revenue Manager tại Hotel Equatorial HCMC

6/2022 → 9/2022 (3 tháng)

Ho Chi Minh City

✨ COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE IN CITY HOTELS AND DESTINATIONS Full time - Onsite . At Equatorial Ho Chi Minh, my deep understanding of the city hotel landscape allows me to craft data-driven strategies that optimize the hotel's revenue and online presence. ⏩ Revenue Management Expertise (35%) - Assist the General Director to develop strategic pricing strategies to maximize Sales Volume, Room Revenue, ARR & RevPAR. - Conduct comprehensive market intelligence and rate shopping to stay ahead of competitors by analyzing their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). - Analyze same-day room availability to determine optimal BAR levels. ⏩ E-Commerce Efficiency (55%) - Manage digital tools and technologies to ensure price parity across distribution channels and guarantee the best rate on hotel brand website. - Implement effective solutions to improve key metrics: Turnover History, Instant Confirmation Ratio, Parity Rate Score, Review Score, Information Score and Cancellation Characteristic Score. - Design an OTA Promotion Architecture with a layered approach using Campaigns, Channel Discounts, Loyalty Programs & Accelerators to boost hotel visibility, and attract guests with targeted e-marketing badges. - Collaborate with other departments to create compelling promotions, rate packages for brand website. - Maintain accurate information about Property, Rooms, Facilities & Services across all online booking platforms. - Actively develop B2B channels (GDS, Agoda Beds Network, Hotelbeds, etc) to reach a wider audience. - Generate and deliver accurate reports and presentations in a timely manner, keeping stakeholders informed. ⏩ Additional Skills and Training (10%) - Actively participate in training sessions and workshops to stay current with industry trends. (e.g., Expedia Reconnecting Workshops, Agoda - Dynamic Growth with Agoda)

Performance Strategy Executive tại RedDoorz Vietnam

1/2022 → 6/2022 (5 tháng)

Ho Chi Minh City

✨ SELF-TRANSFORMATION WITH INTERNATIONAL CHAINS Hybrid - Onsite . In my role on the Revenue & E-Commerce team, I spearheaded the performance of over 130 hotels across Vietnam. I motivated the team to consistently exceed monthly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and conducted Competitor Research, Business Reviews, and analyzed Booker Insights. Additionally, I undertook all projects aimed at enhancing Direct Sales (Corporate & Wholesale). ::: ⏩ Revenue Management Powerhouse (35%) - Developed and implemented competitive pricing strategies to optimize room revenue for hotels across Vietnam, balancing hotels' direct sales vs. RedDoorz's contributions. - Utilized dynamic pricing strategies based on occupancy & real-time market conditions to ensure maximizing profitability for both hotels and RedDoorz. - Controlled room availability across sales channels to optimize sales opportunities. ⏩ E-Commerce Champion (45%) - Created new listings on major OTAs, and crafted multi-layered promotional campaigns featuring Seasonal Offers, Targeted Deals & Strategic Pricing Tactics to boost online visibility and bookings. - Tackled technical challenges related to online sales platforms, and implemented solutions to enhance performance. - Developed strategic action plans to help hotels achieve specific room sales quotas within the first week of partnership with RedDoorz. - Analyzed weekly sales statistics and monitored area-specific cancellation and no-show trends to implement necessary adjustments. - Utilized seeding reservations to accelerate review scores, and collaborated on co-investment projects with hotel partners (AGX, AGP, Sponsored Listings, etc) ⏩ Data-Driven Decision Making (20%) - Generated comprehensive reports including Daily Pickup Reports, Weekly Sales Statistics, No-show and Cancellation Analysis & Monthly Bookers' Insights (Nationality, Length of Stay, Booking Window, etc) to inform strategic decision-making.

Assistant Chief Accounting Officer (Cost and Procurement) - NHAT HA L' OPERA HOTEL (121 keys) tại Khách Sạn 5 Sao Pullman Hải Phòng

10/2020 → 6/2021 (8 tháng)

Ho Chi Minh City

✨ THE VERY FIRST STEP Part time - Onsite . ⏩ Streamlined Procurement - Sourced, verified, and negotiated with suppliers to secure the most cost-effective products and services for the hotel. - Conducted research, prepared rate shop reports, and implemented procurement processes or consulted with the hotel's Board of Directors on cost-saving alternatives. ⏩ Template Development: Assisted the Chief Accounting Officer in creating cost management templates for efficient operational budgeting. ⏩ * Hotel Pre-Opening Support: Contributed to the procurement task force for the successful pre-opening of Pullman Haiphong Grand Hotel.

Sales and Marketing Executive tại Khách sạn L'Odeon Phú Mỹ Hưng

8/2018 → 3/2020 (1 năm 6 tháng)

Ho Chi Minh City

✨ THE VERY FIRST STEP Full time - Onsite . Nestled near District 1, Hotel L' Odéon Phu My Hung offers a haven of peace with its captivating Franco-British country charm. During my tenure as a Sales and Marketing Executive, I spearheaded both Corporate and OTA Sales, fostering strong relationships with key accounts.

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Alignment for Peak Performance: Meeting these preferences allows me to contribute significantly, and achieve hotel goals through a healthy work-life balance: ⏩ Reporting Structure: Comfortable reporting to Owner/Owner Representative, CEO, General Director, or Hotel Manager. ⏩ Work Schedule: Ideal scenario includes a hybrid model with flexible hours, allowing for late check-in/out and occasional weekend work. ⏩ Compensation: Negotiable, VND 40,000,000 ~ 50,000,000 . ⏩ Preferred Property's Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Phu Quoc Island, Da Lat, Tam Dao. Willing to relocate for the right opportunity.

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Ninh Ha Phuong (Ms.) - Director of Sales and Marketing


Hoang Thi Huyen (Ms.) - Chief Accounting Officer

Nhat Ha L'Opera Hotel

Dang Thuy Duong (Ms.) - Co-Owner

The Old Compass Cafe

Dam Duy Thanh (Mr.) - General Manager

Khách sạn Draha Hạ Long

Nguyen Hoang Bich Phuong (Ms.) - General Director

Hotel Equatorial HCMC

John Lek (Mr.) - General Manager

Khách sạn L'Odeon Phú Mỹ Hưng

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