Địa điểm: Quận 3, HCMC | Hạn nộp: 29/12/2018 | Mức lương: Thỏa thuận | Giờ làm việc: Giờ hành chính

Số lượng cần tuyển: 1

Mô tả công việc

•    Demonstrate punctuality and manage time effectively
•    Running and organizing training programs, prepare monthly schedules and hold a minimum of 3 scheduled trainings a month
•    Develop training material and have all team members trained and ready to go before any new product launches. Schedule those training in collaboration with the Team Leader
•    The Head Sommelier is expected to find time to create his/her training material outside of operation hours, to still be able to fulfil his/her management duties during those hours
•    Working together with the beverage director to spearhead the Renkon beverage program and to find small batch and interesting producers in collaboration with importers and suppliers
•    Meet new and maintain positive relationships with suppliers, this again should happen outside of the normal operation hours
•    Help bartenders create infusions and bar ingredients – schedule these events with the bar team
•    Know exactly what to do to get the restaurant ready for service and make sure all duties are completed before clocking out
•    Assign and oversee opening and closing duties
•    Come up with new ways to complete opening and closing duties as efficiently as possible to allow more time for training
•    Improve productivity, organization/storage and cleanliness of the floor, bar and back areas of the restaurant - schedule weekly deep cleaning
•    Maintain Specials Boards by checking with the kitchen and bartenders daily for new specials/drink features
•    Input counts into the POS system
•    Oversee/analyses Front of House Inventory and come up with ways to improve wastage and accuracy
•    Complete last checks after service when responsible for locking up the restaurant (last walk through/double checking the completion of closing duties)

Quyền lợi được hưởng

-    Competitive negotiable salary.
-    Monthly bonus
-    Full Social, Health, Unemployment insurance

Yêu cầu công việc

-    Fluent in English, Japanese speaking is a plus.
-    Strong beverage experience and high level of interest to learn
-    Prefer background in sake and/or wine.
-    Great communication and customer service skills

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Full Cv

  • Lĩnh vực: Nhà hàng/ Bar/ Pub
  • Ngành nghề: Quản lý điều hành
  • Vị trí: Giám đốc, phó giám đốc Bộ phận/ Trưởng phòng/ Tổ trưởng

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Thông tin liên hệ

74/10A Hai Bà Trưng, P. Bến Nghé, Quận 1
Người liên hệ: Ms Hằng
Điện thoại: 0932749834
Chức vụ: HR
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Gửi cho bạn bè
Chia sẻ
Chức danh Địa điểm Ngày kết thúc Mức lương
Sake Central Manager 29/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Sous Chef 29/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Sales & Marketing Manager 30/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Bartender 29/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Purchasing executive 29/01/2019 Thỏa thuận
Head Bartender 30/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Bar back 29/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Cook/Senior Cook 29/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Security 30/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Cleaner/Dishwasher 28/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Server 28/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Runner 28/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Cashier 28/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Hostess 28/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Captain 28/12/2018 Thỏa thuận
Chief Accountant 29/01/2019 Thỏa thuận
Restaurant Manager 30/01/2019 Thỏa thuận
Nhân viên Bảo Trì 30/12/2018 5 - 8 triệu
Cost Accountant 25/12/2018 8 - 12 triệu
Sales & Marketing Executive 30/12/2018 12 - 20 triệu

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Ngày tạo gian : 19/03/2018

Quy mô : 100 - 499

The Eight Four Collective is a lifestyle oriented, hospitality group focused on developing and investing in unique F&B Concepts in Vietnam. Our goal is to establish a new benchmark in terms of quality, service, ambiance, design, and most importantly – heart and soul.

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Địa chỉ: 74/10A Hai Bà Trưng, P. Bến Nghé, Quận 1

Điện thoại: 0932749834