Banquet Manager

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1. Supervises all the banquet service staffs

2. Advises & consults with executive chef, chief steward & executive housekeeper, Technicians to ensure high quality of food, beverage & service

3. Trains all banquet service staffs

4. Ensure there is adequate staffs for each function

5. Transmits necessary information to other department heads

6. Inspects finished set ups & arrangements, supervises the service & greets the guests

7. Consult with chef, steward & bar staff concerning menus & problems

8. Inspects quality of food & beverage

9. Anticipate client’s satisfaction or complaints in order to improve our future performances

10. Keep up to date profiles of clienteles to ensure their specific needs & preferences are anticipated

11. Be aware of banqueting functions held in competitive hotels

12. Ensure that the clients understand all charges indicated in function invoice & instructions of method of payments as initially agrees between sales & clients

13. Conducts pre-banquet briefings to establish and orderly arrangements of functions to ensure that the banquet will be conducted in the best interest of the guests with a well-balanced profitability margin in-line with the company’s policy

14. Produces daily report of manpower requirements to ensure emergency human resources are readily available to cope with workload

15. Familiarize with all equipment used for banquet functions, including all A/V equipment

16. Work with FB Manager, banquet sales staff, beverage team to ensure all guests requirements are correctly catered for

17. Liaise with banquet sales on any special requirements of the guest that cannot be accurately passed on by banquet event order

18. Must be familiarized with all hotel policies & procedures in reference to training, safety & security

19. To perform other duties as assigned by FB Manager & Assistant FB Manager

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