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Sun World Holding is seeking a Retail Director to set up new retail businesses in Sun World Parks.

The Retail Director will be responsible for ensuring an international standard retail operation in all of Sun World’s Parks, and that all stores are delivering on agreed KPIs as well as Sun World’s core operational principles of Safety, Service, Presentation, Experience and Efficiency.

This involves the careful planning, development, set up and management of Sun World owned and operated stores, as well as stores operated by third-party business partners.


1. Business development

• Generating ideas about future retail activities.
• Carrying out research to determine suitable opportunities.
• Development of new store and product concepts.
• Business Planning and financial forecasting
• Creating business proposals for presentation to the COO. Ensures all new shop proposals meet the required return on sales prior to submitting any recommendations to the COO.
• Setting up appropriate personnel structures.
• Project Planning
• Ensuring proper systems and processes are in place to efficiently manage and control quality and performance of stores around the country.
• Setting KPIs; specifically related to spend per head, COGS, labour efficiency, product turn, revenue and profit targets.

2. Product Development

• Setting up Retail Design Team
• Leading Design Team in the creation of world class products, always ensuring KPIs are met and return on investment is considered and maintained.
• Sourcing and liaising with manufacturers and suppliers to arrange samples and quotations.
• Selecting final manufacturers and suppliers.
• Approving final product samples

3. Set Up

• Working with designers in developing store layouts
• Organising and selecting infrastructure and personnel for new retail stores
• Developing style guides, product display stands, signage
• Ensuring proper systems, processes and SOP are developed and in place
• Overseeing onboarding and training of personnel
• Preparing all aspects of store operations to be handed over to the Regional Retail Manager for day-to-day operation.
• Visiting new locations to ensure they can trade effectively and meet the proposed budgets

4. Operational Management

• Ensuring that the retail operation complies to all policies and procedures relating to Security, Health and Safety.
• Implementing strategies to drive sales and maximise revenue.
• Ensuring all infrastructure, processes and SOP are operating correctly and efficiently, and following up where necessary
• Spending time in shops with retail shop teams and customers to understand and identify business critical issues in order to ensure the alignment of tactics and strategies

5. People Management and Culture

• Providing leadership and be a mentor to the Retail Department.
• Recruiting, training and developing Regional Managers ensuring adherence to SWH HR systems and procedures, and ensuring Regional Managers are doing the same with their regional teams.
• Develop and deliver a comprehensive induction / training program for Retail Employees
• Takes a lead role in building a strong sales management culture with the operations team; spends time coaching Regional Managers, identifying skills and opportunities for development.
• Proactively manages and reviews the performance and progress of Regional Managers and their Parks, sets objectives and targets; works with Training Department to develop individual training plans for the team
• Develop and maintain a positive and professional relationship with all team members, guests and other stakeholders;

6. Third Party Business Partnerships

• Identifying and securing new partnerships with appropriate, international standard third party partners
• Ensure third party operators are meeting required standards.
• Work with photography suppliers to expand and grow retail photography business.

7. Continuous Improvement

• Review performance, implement strategies and plans for improvement
• Employ lateral thinking to grow and develop the merchandising business in Sun World Parks.
• Form relationships with new and existing suppliers and business partners; endeavouring always to improve quality, service and price;
• Maintaining up to date knowledge of the international / regional market place, competitors and trends.

8. Financial Accountability

• Coordination of weekly / monthly reporting in coordination with Regional Managers
• Meeting KPIs; specifically related to spend per head, COGS, labour efficiency, product turn, revenue and profit targets.
• Constantly reviewing financial data and supporting the Regional Managers in achieving financial objectives.
• Regularly produces and presents a range of financial/non financial reports for the COO and SWH BOD.

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Qualified candidtes will be offered an attractive package

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Required Skills / Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree or above.
• Deep understanding of retail industry, consumer product development and the nuances of operating successful retail businesses within theme parks / attractions / tourism areas.
• Good knowledge of local and international entertainment market.
• At least 5 years of experience in a similar position with an international standard retail business, or within a theme park or attraction.
• Strong project management skills, budgeting and planning.
• Strong leadership, good interpersonal skills.
• Good presentation and communication skills.
• Friendly, agile and positive thinking.
• Possess a passionate interest in the retail and hospitality/entertainment industries
• Result- oriented.

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Retails Director

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