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Mô tả công việc

1. Check all corners, blind spots at basement and behind of it, co-ordinate with previous shift to identify and clear all things, luggage, and vehicle parked unknown at the premise. To inform Shift Leader if there is serious case needs to clarify.

2. Have full in detail information of in house guest number, VIPs, Names of function, meetings, weddings etc number and location which will be happened in his work shift. To recheck and confirm with the shift leader if necessary.

3. Check all doors and ensure that they are only opened during their work time accordingly.

4. Inform Engineering and the shift leader if something unusual happened with Underground Tank, Drainage or Generator Room.

5. Control Hotel staff in and out. To make sure everyone, everything including money or hotel properties pass by the Check Point only after being checked and confirmed that they are follow Hotel police and instructions. To make report if necessary.

6. Coordinate with Purchasing, Store and Kitchen to control items, goods, food bringing in and out by the suppliers. To control and stand by at all time of clearing rubbish room by the contractor whether night or day.

7. Control and guide employee applicants, outside workers, contractors, customers having function, meeting, wedding going through the Check Point. Visitor card, Worker card, Supplier card etc. are requested to be issued.

8. Log down in details and report to higher level every part of work shift, movement of all people, money declared, goods, food, properties moving through the Check Point.

9. Co-ordinate with staff in front to conduct traffic and car parking behind the basement during big function, wedding or peak hour. To control cars coming in including purpose of parking and type of service the customer want to use also to guide them to a correct outlet accordingly.

10. Stop immediately highly suspicious things, luggage people intend to bring into the building through the basement. To call for support from shift leader and others if needed

11. Closely keep contact with the staff at CCTV, Security in front, Staff at motorbike parking area in order to control areas round the basement

Quyền lợi được hưởng

• 02 months of probation with 100% salary & service charge

• Full insurance package according to labour law & 24/7 insurance

• Bonus for Public holidays and 13th month salary

• Duty meal & uniform provied by Hotel

• Review salary once a year/ review performance for career path development

• Staff giving birth allowance/ Marriage allowance/ Funeral allowance

• Annual summer outing, team building activities, birthday party, best employee of the month, annual health check

• Training opportunities

• 8 hours per day

• Free motobike parking

Yêu cầu công việc

1. At least 1-2 years in a similar role at a scalable four or five star hotel/ resort.

2. Certificate in any related discipline, experience with national defense/ military service preferred.

3. Attention to details.

4. Excellent physical health.

5. Passion for service excellence.

6. Good English skills preferred.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

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Nhân viên An Ninh

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