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Nhân Viên Bellman/an Ninh - Norfolk Hotel HCMC 31/07/2019 5 - 8 triệu
Nhân Viên Kỹ Thuật Điện - Điện Tử - Điện Lạnh (Norfolk Hotel) HCMC 31/07/2019 5 - 8 triệu
Nhân Viên Nam Phục Vụ Nhà Hàng Âu (Norfolk Hotel) HCMC 31/07/2019 5 - 8 triệu
Sales Manager - Norfolk Hotel HCMC 31/07/2019 Thỏa thuận
Sales Admin - Norfolk Mansion HCMC 31/07/2019 8 - 12 triệu

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Theo dõi Nhà tuyển dụng này
Ngày tạo gian : 09/02/2015

Quy mô :

Norfolk Group is an internationally owned company specialized in real estate investment, development and management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 1991. Our mission is to invest, develop and manage our own luxury properties, bringing services and facilities up to industry-standard benchmarks. Norfolk Group involved with major projects in the Central Business District of Ho Chi Minh City through its joint venture portfolio and project and property management consultancy provided to partners such as Norfolk Hotel, Norfolk Mansion, PDD Building, Tan Da Court, and recently the Saigon Golf Country Club & Residences, featuring an 18-hole golf course, driving range and golf academy, spa and country club, hotel and serviced apartments, and branded luxury residences. Sustainable development is a key consideration in the design and operation of our properties, where we strike a balance between enduring values for the community and achieving returns for our shareholders. With a wealth of local market knowledge combined with global expertise, Norfolk Group’s business is built on our strong partnership, integrity and excellence.

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Địa chỉ: 17 - 19 - 21 Lý Tự Trọng, Q. 1, Tp. HCM

Điện thoại: (028) 38226111 (EXT 144)