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Chu Phạm Trọng Đạo(Randy)

Chu Phạm Trọng Đạo(Randy)

Hồ sơ 5 sao 91 Lượt xem hồ sơ

Nam, 27/10/1992, 31 tuổi

B94 Đường 50 Phước Long B, Tp. Thủ Đức, Hồ Chí Minh

Cập nhật: 14/07/2024

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Dear Sir/Madam, I am an experienced professional in the aviation and customer service industries with over 10 years of working with airlines such as Bamboo Airways and Jetstar Pacific Airlines. Throughout my career, I have accumulated significant experience in roles such as Cabin Manager, Operations Supervisor, Internal Auditor, Assessor and Trainer/Coach. I always uphold high standards of professionalism and problem-solving skills for every flight attendant. Through quality assessments, I not only evaluate job performance but also ensure that every employee is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle any situation that may arise during a flight. Precision and accuracy in operations are integral parts of my work. I have effectively managed and operated to ensure that each flight runs smoothly and meets the highest safety standards. I am also committed to investing in young personnel through intensive training and coaching to develop and enhance the capabilities of the team. Strong communication skills in both Vietnamese and English, along with persuasive abilities and flexible problem-solving, are crucial factors that enable me to handle any emergency situation accurately and promptly. I am committed to providing sustainable career development for my team, helping them become experts in their field and adding value to the organization. With the goal of contributing to the success of the organization by leveraging my experience and leadership skills to help build a professional and efficient working environment on the foundation that the company has established, I am committed to always making positive contributions and striving continuously to promote professional development for myself and my team. With a combination of extensive professional knowledge, excellent leadership skills, and dedication in personnel management, I believe I will be a valuable and reliable resource for the company. Sincerely,

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Business Administration - Đại học

2023 → 2025

I am currently pursuing a second degree in Business Administration, expected to graduate in 2025. Since it is a high-quality online program, it does not affect my working hours. I have experience working as a Trainer/Coach and Assessor for the training and evaluation of airline cabin crew, from basic levels to management positions. Additionally, I hold various professional certifications and qualifications including: TOEIC 580 - IIG Vietnam Awareness of ISO 9001:2015 and Internal Auditing Methodology - BSI Academy Train the Trainer 3+ Oscar Version - VMP Academy Diploma in Customer Service, Guide to Call Center Management Diploma in Operations Management (OPS) ISO 19011 Lead Auditor and Kaizen Approach: Lean Methodology for Continuous Improvement.

CCI Paris Ile-de-France - HOA SEN UNIVERSITY


2010 → 2014

Kĩ năng

Management and Leadership Skills : Leadership - Training - Safe Operations Management
Professional Skills Customer Care - Training - Internal Auditing - Human Resource Development
Soft Skills and Adaptability: Critical Thinking - Flexible Adaptation - Personal Development Motivation
Information Technology and Office Computing Skills
Communication and Customer Service Skills: Effective Communication - Active Listening - Customer-Oriented Thinking

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Tiếp viên hàng không / Tiếp viên trưởng điều hành chuyến bay tại Jetstar Pacific Airlines

4/2014 → 4/2019 (5 năm )

VietNam, Saudia Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Teipai, China, Japan...

1. Operations, Management, and Leadership: • Orchestrated |ight operations to ensure optimal service standards. • Supervised |ight crews to maintain e~ciency and productivity. • Implemented company strategies to enhance service quality and operational e~ciency • Achieved a 100% safety |ight rate and received high praise from both passengers and international authorities. • Employees received professional training, and their professionalism and work demeanor were highly regarded. 2. Safety and Security (Compliance Assurance): • Ensured strict safety and security measures to protect passengers and |ight crews. • Managed emergency situations and ensured compliance with safety regulations. • Conducted pre|ight checks to con{rm staff knowledge, competency, and safety equipment. • Attained certi{cations and evaluations from international organizations for compliance with safety and security standards. 3. Service / Customer Care: • Provided customer service according to airline standards to meet the needs and preferences of passengers. • Addressed customer requests and issues promptly and e~ciently. • Received positive feedback and praise from customers regarding service quality. 4. Employeerelated Skills: • Provided training and guidance to ensure employee competency and readiness. • Employees were highly regarded for their professional image and expertise. • Ensured employees met standards and health requirements before each |ight. 5. Reporting: • Prepared detailed reports on |ight activities and feedback from passengers. • Maintained accurate report content to monitor performance and operational indicators.


4/2019 → 1/2024 (4 năm 9 tháng)

VietNam, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taipei.......

1. Operations and Safety Management: • Ensured consistent compliance with safety standards and premium airline services, demonstrated by achieving a 100% safety and e~ciency record for all |ights. • Accumulated experience in supervising staff readiness and security, ensuring each employee is fully capable and quali{ed to perform their duties professionally. • Flexibly dealt with emergency situations and ensured compliance with all noncrew standards for each international |ight. 2. Leadership and Training: • Proactively provided highquality customer service and enhanced security and safety in the passenger cabin, demonstrated through training and approval of new personnel, as well as ongoing competency assessment and training for positions from basic to senior in the aviation industry. • Currently achieved outstanding results in managing staff and service operations, ensuring full compliance with established procedures and standards. 3. Quality Assurance and Internal Compliance Control: • Conducted internal evaluations of safety systems, procedures, SOPs, and security to ISO 9001 standards, while regularly reporting results and proposing improvement measures. • Supported independent compliance standards and service quality monitoring, laying the groundwork for continuous improvement and remediation. 4. Customer Service and In|ight Sales: • Provided 5star airline services and professionally managed onboard sales, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction and optimizing revenue for the organization. 5. Employee Management Skills: • Ensured employees are equipped with adequate knowledge, standards of image, and demeanor, while managing their performance professionally and e~ciently. 6. Reporting: • Conducted post|ight activity reports and posttraining competency assessments in detail and professionally, accompanied by speci{c and effective improvement proposals. -----PROJECTS---- INTERNAL AUDITOR / POLICY AND STANDARDS . • Conducted safety inspections to ensure compliance with aviation regulations. • Analyzed operational procedures to identify potential safety hazards. • Implemented safety training programs for staff members. • Monitored safety performance metrics and reported findings to management. • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to address safety concerns. • Recommended corrective actions to enhance safety standards. • Audited safety documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness. • Communicated safety policies and procedures to all stakeholders. • Maintained records of safety audits and inspections for regulatory compliance. • Trained 100% of staff members on updated safety procedures, resulting in improved safety awareness. • Ensured 100% accuracy and completeness of safety documentation through rigorous auditing processes. • Enhanced stakeholder understanding of safety policies and procedures, resulting in improved compliance rates. • Maintained comprehensive records of safety audits and inspections, meeting all regulatory requirements. ----------------- Human and Development -Training /Coaching / Assessor TRAINER AND ASSESSOR . • Designing and implementing training programs • Conducting performance evaluations • Providing feedback and coaching to employees • Facilitating team-building activities • Developed training programs to enhance employee skills. • Developing career paths and succession plans • Supporting employee well-being and work-life balance • Implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives • Conducting organizational development assessments • Identifying and addressing skill gaps • Promoting leadership development

Mong muốn về công việc

I aspire to advance my career in management and training, applying leadership skills to enhance operational efficiency and service quality. I am committed to investing in training and developing personnel, ensuring skills, knowledge, and standards of professionalism are upheld. My goal is to contribute to the company's sustainable success by cultivating a professional and safe working environment. I seek to work in a professional environment with comprehensive training programs and good welfare policies, offering opportunities for long-term career advancement. Salary expectations will be negotiable based on the position and my experience.

Giải thưởng

Received extensive commendations from direct management and across departments.


Throughout my tenure from 2014 to 2024 at Jetstar Pacific Airlines, I received extensive commendations from direct management and across departments. These accolades recognize my consistent dedication and outstanding contributions to various aspects of airline operations, including customer service excellence, leadership in training and development, and adept handling of inflight situations. These commendations reflect my commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism, fostering positive team dynamics, and continuously striving for operational excellence.

Well handle situations in Flight - Bamboo Airways


I excel in handling various situations during flights at Bamboo Airways, drawing on my experience and training in airline operations. Whether addressing passenger needs, managing unexpected challenges, or ensuring safety protocols are followed, I maintain a calm and professional demeanor. My ability to communicate effectively and make swift, informed decisions contributes to a positive onboard experience for passengers and supports the airline's commitment to safety and service excellence.

Excellent Employee of the Year


I am proud to have been awarded the Excellent Employee of the Year at Jetstar Pacific Airlines, a prestigious accolade bestowed upon only two employees per department. This recognition celebrates exceptional dedication, leadership, and contributions to the company's success. It underscores my commitment to achieving excellence in my role, fostering teamwork, and delivering outstanding results that contribute to the organization's growth and reputation.

Outstanding Frontline Staff - Jetstar Pacific Airlines


I was honored to receive the Outstanding Frontline Staff award at Jetstar Pacific Airlines, a recognition given to exceptional employees who demonstrate superior service quality, dedication, and professionalism. This award reflects my commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, my ability to effectively handle challenging situations, and my dedication to upholding the highest standards of operational excellence.

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Bamboo Airways - 0984469962

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